ORGAN THING: Zachari Logan’s rather splendid leaf-filled exhibition Wreath opens at New Art Projects….

Zachari Logan, Wreath @ New Art Projects

Zachari Logan, Wreath @ New Art Projects

Zachari Logan’s solo show opened at Fred Mann’s New Art Projects gallery space in that very white basement over in Hackney, East London last night. Leaves, layers, wreaths, circles, beginnings, ends. Elaborate work, some beautiful pieces, the Canadian artist has delicate strength, a Victorian aesthetic, a classical feel, the romance of death, of life, of leaves and flowers, botanical illustration, a show that really doesn’t need too many words, a show to react to in a quiet considered way, a peaceful show to contemplate – layers, leaves, of course this is going work for me, off course it is, there’s something rather captivating about leaves, about their renewal, the fresh hope when they grow again, when they replace what was there before, when they create circles. Logan’s work is beautifully compelling, it isn’t radical, it isn’t dangerous, it doesn’t shout, it doesn’t really challenge, but then does art always have to? Engaging explorations, highly worked drawings in both pastel and blue pencil botanical observation with high Victoriana and a touch of William Morris, romanticism, things passed, things past, things new, circles, memento mori, things alive, beautifully splendid… (sw)

Zachari Logan

Zachari Logan


WREATH – show statement

“Who ever comes to shroud me, do not harm. Nor Question much. That subtle wreath of hair, which crowns my arm”
– John Donne

An image of a wreath is a common symbol linking remembrance and human memory to the human body. It can symbolize desire, celebration, loss and the great and leveling truths that delineate the limitations of human endeavor. The circle in art draws a line between the interior and the external world and the wreath, an elaborated circle, is a symbol of the human need to visualize longevity and continuation.

The drawings in this exhibition are meditations on grief but also function to question grief itself. Here the wreath becomes a vessel for absence, a symbol of silence, an absence that is ever-present, yet not often discussed.

Zachari Logan - "Wreath, Pentacle"’

Zachari Logan – “Wreath, Pentacle”’


Formally, the wreath or circle also suggests a visual reference to the human body, the sensual zone of the mouth, making an “O” as suggested in the drawing “Mouth 2, from Wild Man Series”. In the drawing “Wreath, Pentacle” Logan draws his own naked body repeatedly, intertwined in the leaves of the wreath extending portraiture to the surreal, in a Continuation of his dialogue with the queer body politic.

New Art Projects is at 6d Sheep Lane, Hackney, London, E8 4QS.  Just behind Broadway Market, not far from the canal. The show runs from Friday 18th Nov 2016 to Thursday 22nd Dec 2016


And this Saturday there’s a call for participants. Sit for 15 minutes have your flower portrait drawn. If you sit that does not mean you have to buy a drawing. Just come and be drawn. Please contact the gallery to book a time slot, here the Facebook event page with details

During the Exhibition Zachari Logan will be in the gallery from 12-5 Saturday and Sunday this weekend (19th and 20th November) and would like 49 people from the LGBTQI community to come and sit for him, each holding a single flower. The 49 drawings will then make a bouquet of 49 flowers in memorial to the people killed in the Orlando Massacre. These drawings will then be shown at New Art Projects and sold to benefit the families of the victims.

On June 25th 2016, Zachari Logan completed this drawing performance, in conjunction with Nuit Rose, Toronto’s Queer Arts Festival and his exhibition Forgotten Selves at Paul Petro Contemporary Art. Members of the public were invited to select a cut flower and sit with Zachari Logan for a fifteen-minute portrait-drawing session. Logan drew the flower as a portrait of the bearer. Logan’s goal to produce forty-nine drawings to commemorate the lives of those lost in the Orlando/PULSE tragedy. These drawings were made available to the public for purchase with proceeds benefiting an Orlando charity. Logan will re-stage this performance.
CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS to book a time slot: Please contact Tim Hutchinson at New Art Projects  0207 249 4032

Click on an image to enlarge or run the fractured slide show that gives you just a small flavour of the exhibition…


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