ORGAN THING: Seeing, a painterly group show, happening right now, proper stuff, next door by the taxi place and the greasy spoon down Well Street, Hackney……


Seeing – This is a very likable show, on the face of it a small unassuming show, a rather fine show all the same, it doesn’t always have to be big and noisy. An art show opening on a Monday afternoon? Well why not, Well Street is alive on a weekday, this is proper East London, proper people going about their proper stuff, no fancy coffee shop proprietors looking down noses down Well Street, this is proper E9 and as Djelal Ispanedi said earlier when we dropped in for an ear;y flavour of the one day show, “why open just for a so-called private view, why not be open in the afternoon so the passing people can come in?” And they are dropping on, people with bags of shopping, the bloke from the bike repair show was n his way to have a look and such. Djelal knows these people, these are his streets and his people and this art show, in a dress shop emptied out for a day, sandwiched between a taxi office and a local cafe (they don’t look like they’re going to serve you ten different types of coffee while you sit growing your beard, proper cafe, mug of tea and beans on toast) is well worth your Monday afternoon or early evening time. art alive as we keep on repeating     

Seeing - Well Street. E9, November 2016

Seeing – Well Street. E9, November 2016


“Djelal Ispanedi curates an exhibition of artworks by Jason Gibilaro, Naomi Lucy Clark, Norman Hyams, Steve Marriot and Djelal Ispanedi.”  – Djetal, mostly known as a photographer, a man who captures the real life in East End London – “Part of human nature is to share experiences. As a photographer Ispanedi is a practiced observer, intrigued by the passive and the impassioned outbursts that artists present through their art. Sometimes engaging with an artist’s vision makes you look at the world differently.”

In bringing this group of artists together, we gain an insight into the different ways that artists see and record their vision of the world. We might also consider how the Ispanedi is ‘Seeing’ through their eyes” Feels more like a view of London, this part of London than a view of the world, and that’s a why the venue works so well and that’s why being open early is important and appreciated. There’s some deliciously tactile screen prints looking across the city towards Docklands, there’s a couple of strong painterly pieces of work from Steve Marriot, .and those riot police feel rather real (label details are a little thin on the ground, I was early they were still setting the show up) .

Steve Marriot - Seeing - Well Street. E9, November 2016

Steve Marriot – Seeing – Well Street. E9, November 2016

The social commentary of Jason Gibilaro is well worth a moment or two of your time as you rush down Well Street for a vital jar of peanut butter and a bag of oranges… Might nip back in a bit and get a proper look once I’ve finished this bout of paint-throwing and has some peanut butter on toast, good show, like the work, like the attitude, engaging, proper and some rather impressive work.

The artist is both observer and creator of realities through the production of artworks; this ‘Seeing’ might otherwise be taken for granted becomes more potent when recognised and developed. Ispanedi draws our attention to the artist and their ability to inhabit the position of observer whilst knowingly and unknowingly recording their experience of creation in the same moment…” More in a bit, after I’ve had some peanut butter ..  (sw)

Seeing is open right now,  today, Monday 28th November, until 9pm, find it in the unmarked silver shop-like building in between the cafe and the taxi place at 265 Well street, London E9 6RG…  Facebook event page


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