ORGAN THING: Making In Transit, The Arctic Treasure Hunt happens this Monday in Bethnal Green…


The Arctic Treasure Hunt happens this Monday 19th December and runs until December 21st at Lumen Studios, the Crypt, St John’s in Bethnal Green, London, E2 9PA.

“From the 19th to the 21st of December Making in Transit will take residence at Lumen Studios in the crypt of St. John’s, Bethnal Green. Making in Transit will install a sculpted Arctic Landscape which all are welcome to explore. Navigate your way through an enchanting winter wonderland using resin cast tactile maps which depicting the coastline of Svalbard. These maps will guide you past mountains, ravines and glaciers; use them to find hidden tokens, which you can exchange for prizes. Keep your eyes peeled for a polar bear hidden in the gallery: it will be waiting for you, waiting to show you how to make Arctic ice-cream and to reward you for any tokens you have found.  Join us on Monday evening for the PV 6-9pm” – Facebook event page

Making in Transit is an exploration of how indigenous crafts can help us understand our environment. In autumn 2016, school teacher, artist and craftsperson Jennifer Crouch intends to embark on an expedition to the Arctic as a member of The Arctic Circle residency program in order to carry out work on this project. The project aims to recreate indigenous crafts used in navigation and numerical recording; specifically, ancient Incan Quipu and Inuit hand-carved tactile maps (such as the Ammasalik maps of Greenland). This recreation of indigenous crafts to navigate and record resources in the Arctic environment provides an exciting opportunity to use tactile items to communicate important information about events occurring in this vulnerable, isolated and spectacular region. An important aim of this project is to explore the role of hand-made technology in an era dominated by screen-based technology, and to (re)discover the relationships that can be formed with our environment through the act of making”rasit

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