ORGAN THING: Furia, Księżyc milczy luty and some challenging experimental black metal for the end of the year…

A Thing of the Say or even a Thing ot the Day? Way to cold to type today, let alone paint (and there’s a lot to paint before the year ends).   A slice of black vinyl, none more black.  Furia, from Katowice, Poland, really do deliver their Black Metal with a slightly different edge, a slightly off-centre dynamic, a desire to challenge and do something a little different while still being very much an intense Black Metal thing. Thirteen years and five albums in now and this is rather good. no idea what they’re singing about or what Księżyc milczy luty means of course (something about the Moon being silent in February so the translator tells us), whatever they’re on about (nothing dubious we trust), this new album, released back in November and issue yesterday on very black vinyl is one of the more challenging rewarding extreme metal releases of late 2016…. 
“The fifth masterpiece from Poland’s critically acclaimed Furia will now be available in LP format. The black metal album of this winter will be released on vinyl on 29 December 2016. Pre-order your copy now through the Pagan Records website. In under a month since the release of Księżyc milczy luty, Furia managed to grab the attention of fans and press from all over the world. Księżyc milczy luty is the next big step on the road of nekrofolk, which the band have been paving from the very beginning of their inception. This dark, cold and astoundingly beautiful music will finally be available on vinyl.  The LP will be released as a black vinyl, in a standard sleeve with alternative artwork and design. Additionally, it will include a 4-page booklet (30x30cm) and a free download code”.



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