ORGAN THING: Your five are Fith, 1968, AK/DK and the sludge of Conan, your five slices of Monday morning music….

The motion seemed sound, or even the notion, there’s no time to proof read, things to do, places to be, leaves to cultivate, no horseflies here. The notion seemed sound, cherry pick five from the vast mountains of submissions flooding the Organ in-box, the hundreds of communications that come in daily, there “you’re gonna love this one” claims from PR companies as they submit the latest auto-tuned emo-poop for our attention, the latest outpouring from some London beard-grower who bought a guitar with the money left over after the coffee bill…


1: FITH –  Who or what are or is Fith? Don’t ask us, some kind of thing flying in via the magic of social media and the power of that curiosity that never did kill any cat, flying in via Wanda and a “and mild-mannered janitor” who goes by the name of Lianne Hall.  “Wanda is a new literary & musical co-operative, a portal that releases albums & pamphlets.Spread across Berlin & Salford, Wanda are a group of writers & musicians who forge constellations between cinematic, literary & sonic worlds” Here’s something from an “improv session recorded live in Berlin” and released December 26, 2016,  Performed and recorded by Lianne Hall, Enir Da, Dice Miller, Charles Lamouroux. (cover art by Attica). “Where am I? In a garden.  There is a garden.” ( Alejandra Pizarnik, Cornerstone)


While we’re wondering around Wanda, Wanda is not here, here, check out this…….


2: Removed….. Well we did have slice number two here, however some kind of bulshit from the band about wanting to “premier” the track on a bigger website (even though the video we posted was already up on YouTube and they sent it to us asking for coverage and blah blah blah). Punk rock eh? When did it all become about marketing strategies and here, have 43 minutes of oldschool bulshit detecting intead



3: 1968 are from Cheshire, they also appear to be from the last century, great big 70’s sounding stoner rock riffs, giant slabs of wholesome Sabbath and Kyuss and Soundgarden and the rest, they namedrop The Who but really not hearing any of The Who’s art in there. Pretty much standard issue monster riff stoner rock if the truth be told, no attempt to break anything like new ground here but then the big sounding band from the North West of England do do their chosen thing with an immense amount of knowing proper style. They have a four track EP called Fortuna Havana on Black Bow Records at the start of February ahead of their debut album later in the year



3: CONAN – And while things are getting all doomed out and sludged, here’s seventeen minutes from Conan. The slow-moving bands are in London on January 26th at Electrowerks.



5: AK/DK say  “We’re on tour in February!” and that is excuse enough to post a taste… Here come the dates: 17/02 – The Boilerroom, Guildford, 18/02 – Stag and Hounds Public House, Bristol, 23/02 – The Shacklewell Arms, London (free entry), 24/02 – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton


There you go, that should do you, got to go, art shows to check out (and organise!), paint to throw, walls to paint, gin to spill, people to upset, pigeons to feed. More of this kind of stuff next Monday, maybe? better than pontificating in a red hat on a train don’t you think. Here, befroe we go, have soem classic Tribe 8 from back there in the last century, you can never have too many Tribe 8 questions thrown into your bathroom life





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