ORGAN THING: Five musical slices, Frank Rothkamm, Rocky Wood, Spectres, Eric Schmid, Me And That Man…

Another five then, another Monday, are we going to get any horsefly hissyfits this week? Broken biscuits and videos thrown out of prams?  Punk rock marketing plans shot down in flames by those damn Organ people and their bad attitudes, don’t them Organ people get that punk rock is a glossy corporate business now, all glossy magazines and glossy festivals and glossy gig prices and glossy websites and carefully groomed beards and tattoos and marketing plans of horseflies and barflies and never mind that, never mind Monday deadlines, is it Tuesday now? Never mind, no marketing plan here….

1: FRANK ROTHKAMM, he of Los Angeles, has yet another new album, Trompeta de la Gloria, someone said it was his 142nd, we haven’t been counting, it came out last week via Flux Records

“We are all prostitutes. That is according to Mark Stewart from the Pop Group. We are all immigrants. That is according to Mayor de Blasio from New York. Who am I to disagree with these fine gentlemen? All I do is put 1 + 1 together. Both can be legal or illegal. Which sums up the activity of mankind. From our origins in East Africa we have come a long way. I, for one, used to have blue eyes and blonde hair. Now, whatever hair is left is definitely not blonde and my eyes, well, I just can’t see good enough anymore to know what the color really is. That never stopped my, or mankind’s, love for the trumpet. First highlight I’m throwing into the ring: the Battle of Jericho. Following God’s law of herem, the Israelites took no slaves or plunder but slaughtered every man, woman and child in Jericho. After they blew the trumpet. Recently, Miles Davis and Herb Alpert in the United States of America deviced other uses for it. They made money after they blew the trumpet. Who’s to say which use is worse? I’m just blowing my own horn here”.

2: ROCKY WOOD: – “Rocky Wood is a Alt-Folk influenced Swiss-American pop band”, a beautiful band, part of the On The Camper Records team of goodness (Peter kernel and such), the music there does all the talking, you don’t really needs our words, just our links, you can download the new single for a very reasonable whatever you’d like to pay price via their bandcamp thing just down there underneath the video



and here, while we’re waiting for the new one, is their beautifully delicate 2014 album


3: ME AND THAT MAN are apparently set to release their debut album, ‘Songs of Love & Death’.  The first track was revealed last Friday (Friday 13th January) via the Lynchian video for the album’s lead single, “My Church Is Black”


“ME AND THAT MAN is a meeting at the crossroads; Nergal, frontman of Behemoth, one of the most infamous and increasingly successful bands in extreme music and British/Polish rock musician, John Porter.  Their debut album, ‘Songs of Love & Death’ is a journey across bleak, dust-ravaged plains, soundtracked by low-slung guitars and steeped in the rawest essence of rock and blues.  The tracks draw on dark narratives familiar to fans of Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen and crackle with an evocative, sinister aesthetic. Nergal is ready to burn the preconceptions people may have about his creative vision.  ‘Songs Of Love & Death’ isn’t sonic esoterica, it is an album of simple, yet timeless ideas, all filtered through Nergal’s pitch-black poetic prism”. The album is out via Cooking Vinyl on 24th March 2017.

4: SPECTRES – ‘Dissolve’ is the first track from Spectres’ new album, due out in March 2017..


“On this album we became even less interested in actually playing guitar,” explains Hatt, “which meant that we got more into experimenting with the sounds we could get out of them when brutalising them and letting the feedback do the talking.”. Spectres release their second album ‘Condition’ via Sonic Cathedral on March 10. The follow-up to their acclaimed 2015 debut, ‘Dying’, it was recorded by Dominic Mitchison in the band’s adopted home city of Bristol…

“‘Neck’ is the new single from from Spectres’ second album, ‘Condition’, due out on March 10”


5: ERIC SCHMID…..  Who is Eric Schmid?

“In A Channel, Dedicated to Michael, poet Eric Schmid has assembled an intimate artifact; the collection is comprised of every voicemail left on his phone between 2010 and 2015. The initial notion, according to friend and collaborator Michael Pollard, was to record all his phonecalls for a set period. But of course there were many inter-personal and artistic considerations to be heeded, and so the idea was abandoned. And this finished piece, released on CD by Sean McCann’s fine Recital Program imprint last June, picks up where that discarded idea left off. A Channel is so disarmingly touching you cannot help but feel that the original concept would not have worked out as well as this concrete result anyway” Further reading


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