ORGAN THING: Five Monday musical slices; Lady Bits, Czar, Lana Del Rabies, Fufanu, James McArthur and R.I.P Jaki Liebezeit…

Another five? Does it really matter? I mean, look at this, “Hey guys, Just started a Facebook page for the band The *****. Fusing rock, funk and soul. Influenced by such artists as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis and Stevie Wonder to name but a few. We are writing and recording our EP due out at he end of the year. If you’d like to keep tabs of up coming shows and see videos and photos along the way then please follow our page. It would mean a lot to us” End of the year, we’re in January, you’re going to take eleven months! It should take eleven hours to record an EP, for gawd sake, get in there, plug in, go! And really, that’s the best you can come up with in terms of influences? What on earth makes you think we’re going to be the least bit interested in a band influenced “by such artists as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis”, all those beautiful band out there and that’s the best you can come up with?  Have you ever bothered to read any of these fractured Organ pages!? Really don’t want to taste your cake if those are the damn ingredients! Another five? Does it really matter? Does any of this matter? Are you really just listemimg to Oasis and those damn Chili Pepers? Here. for what it might be worth are the five musical slices that came our in the last week that we thought worth sharing and here you go, have some Lady Bits….


Lady Bits

1: LADY BITS  –  “We’ve all been there, stuck dealing with a man who, for some reason, feels like it’s ok to give his unsolicited opinions on your words, behavior, or music. Sometimes it’s enough to make you want to scream… or write a song” so said the always good She Shreds magazine when they posted the new Lady Bits video on their website a couple of days back,. “When faced with one of these guys of their own, Brooklyn riot grrl/punk group Lady Bits did both of those things. The resulting, snotty, singalong-able “Cupcake Man,” appears on their debut EP, “It’s Always On.”  Read more via She Shreds, meanwhile here’s the video and more importantly the song…



The video for Cupcake Man was published on Jan 18, yep, that means the thing is new and right here right now, we like it, we hadn’t heard of them this time last week, the track is taken from the EP It’s Always On. “Formed out of the marriage of Craigslist, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and Baked Cheetos, Lady Bits is here to rock your faces off!”, the Yeastie Girl brought them to our attention, they’re from Brooklyn, did we say that already? Go explore some positive Brooklyn attitude.
Meanwhile over in Tacoma, CZAR are pleased to announce the release of Life is No Way to Treat an Animal
2: CZAR – Now here’s a band really exploring and adding some colour of thier own, an album alive with ideas, a band who need ot challenge themselves, a band who are about a little bit more  than being influences by Obloodyasis and whoever else it was.

“Tacoma’s CZAR are pleased to announce the release of Life is No Way to Treat an Animal. The album, which is now available on digital formats is a bizarre, nineteen-track journey into strange musical territories. If you like the weirdness of Mr. Bungle, Dillinger Escape Plan and Faith No More, you will love Life is No Way to Treat an Animal”  We don’t need to add anything to that statement do we?


Next, some rhythmic dark electronic goodness from Phoenix



3: LANA DEL RABIES  let loose an inspired version of “I’m Afraid Of Americans” on inauguration day… “Hey, it’s the day that America gives Daddy Issues a seat at the table. The head of the fucking table. Lana Del Rabies expresses all of our fears with this appropriate cover of David Bowie. Cthulhu release us all”. Lana Del Rabies at Deathbomb Arc.


4: FUFANU are from Iceland, this hits the spot, “Fufanu are a rock band from Reykjavik. “With much current pop eager to please, it’s thrilling to hear music played with such malevolence”

“Icelandic trio Fufanu have released the third single from their upcoming album, Sports, which Nick Zinner produced. “Liability” is a frantic flirtation between post-punk and synthpop that reminds listeners of their responsibility to speak out against the increasing evils of an endlessly chaotic society. It follows previous Sports singles “Sports” and “Bad Rockets”; the album arrives February 3 via One Little Indian”.

5:  JAMES McARTHUR – “James McArthur Releases Album ‘Burnt Moth’ via Moorland Records Today” said someone a few days back, the lead track is rather beautiful, sometimes that’s all that’s needed….


“To celebrate the release of James McArthur and The Head Gardeners’ new album; ‘Burnt Moth’ out today, Illuminate Productions will be showcasing songs from the album in the smallest and most intimate live music venue in the UK. The ‘In Safari, Table For Two’ tour is a series of unique live musical happenings in the setting of a 70’s gold caravan, where two audience members at a time will experience the band up close and personal squeezed into a tiny vintage 2 berth caravan. Guests will have VIP treatment, including refreshments and access all areas. McArthur’s songs invite you on a journey, through rolling harmonies, shifting guitar, as changeable as British holiday weather”. To book exclusive tickets please go to

Jimmy Cauty (KLF ) said of the experience, “The sound in the caravan was immersive and bubble like, it felt like we were inside the music looking out!”

This pop up venue will also appear in unexpected secret locations around London and beyond. Some shows will be recorded and filmed for online viewing. FULL DATES: – Friday 10th February, Saturday 11th February, Friday 17th February, Saturday 18th February Tickets are extremely limited; From 7pm -10pm at London Bridge, each live slot is for 25 minutes and costs £10 including drinks.

And R.I.P Jaki Liebezeit…

And before we go today, we must mention Jaki Liebezeit, the highly respected Can drummer has died (at the age of  78). I sould say quite a bit aboou the beautiful rhythmns of Can and that glorious sound, but let’s leave it to the drummers, we saw Matt Atkins, he of Huge Baby and now Crumbling Shost saying something, actually lots and lots of musicians have been paying their respects and talking of his influence…


“Majestic drumming on this from Jaki Leibzeit. Nobody comes close” Said Matt of the drumming on Halleluhwah, While Dave Francolini, best know as drummer with Levitation, Dark Star (and Panixphere) said via social media “Oh no no no no no no no. Jaki, maybe more than more than Mitch, John, Stewart, Ringo, Charlie, Steve and Martin informed the way the “fucking things” could and should be approached. A lateralist, a technician, a multi-minimalist, a sensualist and a shaman. It is almost impossible finding words to adequately describe his importance to me enough, as it is with our closest and cherished loved ones.  Thank you Mr Liebezeit. You profoundly touched my soul. I was powerless to resist your soundworld, thinking, touch, power, commitment and groove. You transported so many of my friends, lovers, heroes and comrades to a timeless and enlightened place and there helped humanity come together to reflect, feel, protest, dance and sing. You and your sensational band of experimentalists shaped me as a foot-soldier warrior only following in your mighty jetstream against bland rhythmic mediocrity. God you fucking meant it, lived it, grafted and rocked it sausage. Thank you and thank you again dear man, dear spirit. Yoo doo… Yoo did right. David. x”


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