ORGAN THING: What’s Admiral Grey doing this week? The Simple Pleasure? Rats in The Louvre….


“Chad Raines made weird and wonderful mixes of his music (that I have the honor of playing bass and singing on) by processing it through VHS tape on a VCR and if that isn’t the goat’s pyjamas I don’t know what is” so said Admiral Grey, she’s talking of The Simple Pleasure, here’s the Bandcamp thing and their new album


“And we play this dope show at an LGBT Center in OC on Saturday!” she said.  “Valentine’s Day? Schmalentine’s day!! We don’t needa hear that noise! Come smash the patriarchy with your friends QTPi Xpress, Plasmic, Rats In The Louvre, east coast qts The Simple Pleasure, and The Red Laugh!! Make friendship appreciation notes for those special people in your lives and bash fascism in the face! All ages 7pm sharp $5 donation spread the werd!! – Facebook event page – OC i assume is Orange County, California, Santa Ana actually, but hey, if you’re not in the area those links to those bands have to be worth checking out out and when Admital Grey isn;t doing her thing as part of The Simpl;e pleasure, she part of the excellent thing that is Cellulat Chaos (with yer man Weasel Walter and you know everything he does is worth checking out). I’d never heard of Rats in The Louve until five minutes ago, explect more from them soon…




“The Simple Pleasure was born out of the rib of Chad Raines one Sunday in Austin, TX. Since then it has become an all consuming menace and must be stopped. They wear bad clothes and shamelessly dance and grind. The trash-disco pop performances leave some injured and most hysterical. Since traveling the world with Amanda Palmer – The Simple Pleasure has gained an eclectic fan base to say the least”.


Video by Admiral Grey


More later.. maybe…



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