ORGAN THINGS: A taste of things to come from The Residents. And further to the encounter with dubious red coat man, has the London street art scene become the scene that celebrates itself far far too much?

Further to the encounter with dubious red coat man reported here yesterday (that really was a strange hat), did he have a point about sometimes someone needing to say something and how it can’t always all be positive positive and nothing but positive all the damn time?  True, Organ is (mostly) about telling you about the positive things we think you need to explore, the exciting art, the thrilling new music, the good bands, the artists, the galleries, the positive things painted on out street walls, that gig last week and the next one you really need ot check out. Dubious red coat man didn’t say it in terms of art, his beef was with our music coverage and how we never offer critical comment on the  music we cover, but he is right, someone needs to say something about the elephant cluttering up the walls and no one actually is.


The Residents, further down the page….

The glaring problem with a lot of London street art right now is that a lot of it really isn;t very good and no one ever says anything in terms of some of these “artists” who are imposing their “art” on us on the streets of Hoxton, Brick Lane and such other than to blow smoke up their egos and their arses via the badly written street art blogs they write and their social media feeds, the never ending noise made by those who document these things as they relentlessly tell these “artists” that they really are “the bomb” and how they’re constantly “smashing it” with their “stunning” new Star Wars stencil or that paste up of yet another phone box or something that (very) vaguely looks like it might be Trump or maybe the Queen or David Bowie endlessly posted up on every street corner and so often obliterating art far more exciting and rewarding.  No one ever says anything about these damn “artists” and the “art” they’re currently cluttering up the London streets with, some of it really isn’t that good is it.   Has the London street art scene become the scene that celebrates itself far far too much, does someone needs to point out to her that she’s really not very good at what he’s trying to do on every big wall on every East London street we have to walk down.


Banksy yesterday…

There’s some dreadful street art being imposed on East London at the moment, Brian Sewell once said Banksy should have been “put down at birth”, and as Banksy is an idea more than a person dear old Brian might well have had a some kind of point, as street art or urban art or whatever you want to call it crosses further and further over to mainstream popular culture, and commercial West London urban art galleries offer half-term “street art classes” and “graffiti lessons”, everyone seems to think they can do it  To borrow something someone else said while discussing the art of painting and the notion of being a painter recently, “I play football now and again, that doesn’t make me a footballer”, he was right, I play football as well,  doesn’t mean I can impose prowess on the left wing on everyone and call myself a footballer, and just because you can almost manage cut a generic stencil without cutting your fingers off and you can aim a spray can vaguely in the right direction that doesn’t make you’re an artist and doesn’t mean you can impose you “art” on the rest of us.  There’s some dreadful “artists” cluttering up the streets of London with their “art” right now and all they ever hear in response is the noise of congratulation made on social media that encourages them to do more – “Isn’t he the bomb”, “wow, she’s smashing it”, “stunning art from…”, No! No it isn’t!  No it isn’t the bomb, no you’re really not smashing it,    It really really really isn’t very good and yes, shouty man in the misshaped hat did have some kind of point when he said sometimes a critical voice is needed .

Endless paste ups of the same digital print is far too easy, a bad stencil is far too easy to cut and no, we don’t want to have to pass more and more of your paintings and your bad sense of line on every East London shop front shutter, street corner, door and wall every single day of the week, if you really must impose it on the rest of us then keep it for the Star Yard or the tunnel and leave the rest of it to those who paint the teeth or the gold pegs or the Oust layers ot the thoughtful comment about ponies and hashtags. Yer man in the misshaped hat is right, it can’t always be positive, there’s some dreadful street art being imposed on people and the streets of London right now, at least in the galleries someone says no if it isn’t good enough. Not everyone who kicks a football is a footballer and not everyone who picks up a spray can is an artist.

Enough of all that, back to normal service, here’s a taste of things to come from,  The Residents are making tracks about tracks on their latest album….

The Residents

The Residents

“The Ghost Of Hope, due out March 24, is drawn from the art rock group’s passion for trains and fascination with railway mishaps. The impetus was a book called Death By Train that collects news articles about fatal railway disasters during the late 1800s and early 1900s, translating the stories and other incidents The Residents found with subsequent research into aural tone poems, using direct language from the articles and witness accounts for lyrics” Here’s the first single from the new album..


“They’ve talked about doing a project about trains for a long time,” Homer Flynn, The Residents’ manager and president of the group’s The Cryptic Corporation, tells Billboard. “One [member] in particular has a love affair with trains from the time he was a kid. I mean, they were fans of Kraftwerk‘s Trans-Europe Express, but they never could find exactly what felt like the right entry point, the right doorway to get into their own project. But they kept batting it around.” Read on via Billboard

And here’s a short video explaining The Residents’ Ghost of Hope album…






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