ORGAN THING: The Vultures have a new album on the way, here’s a rather beautiful taste of things, of beautiful strings and stop, listen and learn like a golden child…

ORGAN THING OF THE DAY – For that is what were supposed to be doing here, and it may be a rather black subject, and we are busy going through the submissions for the next Cultivate on-line art show Something Black this morning (just had a great one in from… no not now, more of that later…


The Vultures have a new album  ‘Three Mothers Part 2’  on the way, the release date is April 14th via Ciao Ketchup Recordings, here’s a rather beautiful taste of things, of beautiful strings and stop, listen and learn like a golden child…


Following from their acclaimed ‘Three Mothers Part 1’ album in 2015, London genre-busters The Vultures are releasing the anticipated second part on April 14th, via vital independent label Ciao Ketchup Recordings. Comprising of three part vocals, cello, violin, viola, bass and drums – London sextet The Vultures say they’re on a mission to “breath fresh life into rock n’ roll”.

The concise conclusion to their story is an avant-garde medley of Serge Gainsbourg influenced story-telling and Baroque musical arrangements. With gothic themes and cinematic sounds ‘Three Mothers Part Two’ invites the listener into the bands own world, one created by layers of beautifully produced strings and baritone vocals reminiscent of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Leonard Cohen.


New single ‘Suicide’ takes this unique formula and merges it with a post-punk bass and driving, groove-laden rhythm that brings to mind the melancholy songwriting of Joy Division. The band expertly craft dark soundscapes full of shadowy concepts and lamenting lyrics encompassing influences not just from other musicians but from literature, film and art.

Hailing from London, Montreal, Taipei, Valencia and Newcastle, The Vultures boast a more forward thinking approach to making music, one that’s both inventive and classic at the same time. This mixed melting-pot of style and substance results in innovative and impassioned alternative songs, from the sinister, Brothers Grimm inspired ‘Rumplestilkskin’ through to the frantic gypsy swing of ‘The Bat And I’. These musical adventurers are setting off across dark tides, steering the ship where few have ventured before.

‘Three Mothers Part 2’ is out on April 14th on Ciao Ketchup Recordings. Pre-order here


And while we’re here, how fine is this, yesterday was National Poetry Day so it seems



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