ORGAN THING: What’s words worth? A taste of the new Black Angels album…

Five five, five? What’s words worth? Wordsworth? Five pieces of band that have come our way in the last week or so, five Monday slices of music?? Nah, too much of commitment, the whole point of this stripped back born again version of the thing that was once the big glossy Organ monster was that there would be no commitment or deadline and nothing but a post whenever it was needed, a simple thing of the day


THE BLACK ANGELS have shared the second track from their upcoming album ‘Death Song’, out April 21st on Partisan Records. Called ‘I’d Kill For Her’. a spokesperson claims ‘Death Song’ features some of the heaviest music these psych rockers have ever put to wax – slow-burning, menacing fuzz earworms meditating on the realities of society and devotion. The album’s opening track, “Currency”, has already earned raves everywhere from the New York Times to NPR Music, who say “heavy psych rarely feels as fresh as it does with The Black Angels” and never mind what said spokesperson has to say, here’s the latest taste of the forthcoming album and….



“The Black Angels are an American psychedelic rock band from Austin, Texas”, here’s another taste of the new album

More tomorrow or later or maybe….


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