ORGAN THING: New beauty from The Wedding Present, fresh Chastity Belt unlocked…



Really must admit to a rather hit and miss relationship with The Wedding Present, they don’t know this of course, they have no idea who we are and indeed why should they?  I rather like that not everything they do excites, I like that. I like that they can never be predicted and that when they do excite then that thing that excites is genuinely something special, I like that they don’t just churn it out like most bands do, I like that I sometimes don’t like what The Wedding Present do,  that they really do create art that challenges both themselves and whoever chooses to listen to them, and when they get it right (and they often do) then The Wedding Present are beautiful. This new track from the forthcoming  ‘Home Internationals’ EP is one of their beautiful moments.


“Indie legends, The Wedding Present, are set to release a new, four-track, EP entitled ‘Home Internationals’ on the Spanish record label El Segell del Primavera, for this year’s Record Store Day (April22nd). Always coming out with something unexpected, the EP sees The Wedding Present developing the work they started with the intriguing instrumental tracks on last year’s critically acclaimed album, Going, Going…  The EP’s title is inspired by the ‘Home Internationals’ – an annual football competition between the United Kingdom’s four national teams: England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland (the last of whom competed as Ireland for most of the competition’s history). Starting in 1883, it is the oldest international football tournament in the world. The competition ended in 1983″ .

And this looks like a rather fine two days in Brighton as part of David Gedge’s (now annual?) At The Edge Of The Sea festival

18/08 : Brighton, UK – Concorde 2 ~ The Wedding Present and At The Edge Of The Sea proudly present a special ’30th Anniversary’ performance of George Best. Supported by The Membranes With The BIMM Choir. Doors 7PM-10PM.

19/08 : Brighton, UK – Concorde 2 ~ At The Edge Of The Sea 2017 featuring The Wedding Present playing Going, Going…, Cinerama playing ‘Cinerama By Numbers’, The Popguns, The Sleazoids and much, much more! Doors 3PM-10PM.


Chastity Belf

CHASTITY BELT are preparing to release their new album, here’s a taste…


“A few years ago, while in a tour van somewhere in Idaho, the members of Chastity Belt – Julia Shapiro, Gretchen Grimm, Lydia Lund, and Annie Truscott – opted to pass the time in a relatively unusual fashion: They collectively paid one another compliments, in great and thoughtful detail. This is what we like best about you, this is why we love you” .


“Different Now” is the first single from Chastity Belt‘s highly-anticipated 2017 album I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone, out June 2nd on Hardly Art records. This music video from director Bobby McHugh lovingly homages Temple of the Dog’s classic “Hunger Strike.”

Previously (back in 2015)

Filmed on the band’s Spring 2015 tour, this new music video offers a candid look at life on the road with Seattle band Chastity Belt. “Joke” can be heard on Time to Go Home, out now on Hardly Art records.

And while we’re here, this just passed our way, a rather fine thing on the same label as that new Wedding Present release.


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