ORGAN THING: The Vultures and the flirtatious baroque of their fine new album…


ALBUM REVIEW:  THE VULTURES – Three Mothers Part 2 (Ciao Ketchup Recordings) – There’s something rather beautifully dark about that opening song on this new album from London sextet The Vultures, those lush strings of Suicide and those dreams of demise, that stop listen and learn and the perfect backing vocals, that throbbing bass that abruptly ends with no kind of warning.  And then just as quickly, a girl with something on her mind – there’s something about them, there’s something about these Vultures and their warm darkness velvet places where they can be alone.  A world that’s right, a place to be back in again, last and right, their Serge Gainsbourg influenced story-telling and that lush baroque beauty in their rock ‘n roll.

There’s two extremely rich warm beautiful songs opening Three Mothers Part 2, songs that stick to your bones (like worn-out clothes), and those strings on the third, the strings along with the warm french flow makes the third as equally beautiful and inviting as the first two. The only real complaint here is that the album is too damn short, over so damn quickly, is that it? It leave you wanting so so more, wanting the climax, like you’ve been teased, almost playful cheated, flirted with for a mere quarter of an hour or so before it all comes to a far too early end (an end rather than a conclusion).


The six of them with their classical warmth, their French seduction, their strings, their wordery and their wholesome song-smith goodness, their Tindersticks and their Scott Walker and their breath deeply, speak softly, their understated drama.  Their theatrical swish and the urgent rush of the Bat And I, that pull of the strings and the layers of beautifully produced slightly raw warmth, the baritone vocals reminiscent of Nick Cave, of all those Bad Seeds, of Leonard Cohen, the Substance of it all, and then as quickly as they lustfully rushed in, they’re gone again, far too quickly with their looking for lust and saving us from all their ways, gone again, where did they go? A right highly recommended album, a rather fine band, there’s something about those Vultures, they leave you wanting more.  (sw)


“The Vultures are an evenly split male/female sextet whose members descended on the capital from five countries spanning three continents. Comprising three-part vocals, cello, violin, viola, bass and drums”, their new album Three Mothers Part 2  is released on April 14th via Ciao Ketchup Recordings. Pre-order here


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