ORGAN THING: Mark Cunningham, member of the legendary New York No Wave group Mars, is in town with Blood Quartet this weekend…


A rather quick parish notice for today we are buried deep in paint and organising the organgrinding and anyway, here, some rather impressive texture and tension, some no-wave improv and here come the details, Blood Quartet in town this weekend….

“Barcelona-based no-wave/post-rock band Blood Quartet are currently on tour in the UK promoting their new album Deep Red.  Blood Quartet is the new music project where Mark Cunningham — member of the legendary New York group Mars, known for contributing to Brian Eno’s “No New York” compilation, itself a catalyst of the No Wave scene at the end of the 70s — joins forces with the members of instrumental art-rock band Murnau B.”

“A unique collaboration and one that liberally extends No Wave’s evolution towards free jazz, experimental rock and cinematographic environments, where improvisation and structural mutations unite, giving rise to psychotropic chiaroscuros”.


Tonight Blood Quartet are to be found in Reading and tomorrow, Saturday, down by Waterloo station here in London  Here you go….   Fri 14/04 at The Rising Sun Arts Center, Reading, and Sat 15/04 IKLECTIK, London

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