ORGAN THING: The instantly brilliant attitude of Shit Girlfriend…

Organ Thing Of The Day? Now where were we? PNKSLM  are on the case again, one of those record labels always worth checking out, this time the always on the nail label have a debut single from the instantly brilliant Shit Girlfriend  (whatever happened to Period Pains anyway? or Skinjob come to think of it? Anyone seen Anti-Marilyn? Or those Beetmolls, actually I saw them in a old Episode of Spaced next to an Organ poster the other day)


“Natalie Chahal and Laura-Mary Carter formed Shit Girlfriend in Los Angeles after realising they both grew up in the same London suburban town. Two BBFs making music that does not GAF xoxoxo”


From Shit Girlfriend’s debut 7″ “Mummy’s Boy / I Don’t Wanna Die”, out May 19th via PNKSLM Recordings
Meanwhile back in 1997, it was always interesting putting on Period Pain gigs…


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