ORGAN THING: It was seventy years ago today… For the 50th anniversary of The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Joel Jerome decided to pay homage…

It was Fifty years ago today that those Beatles said it was twenty years ago today so in our book that makes it seventy years ago, and over on the West Coast of the USA we’re told that “Joel Jerome is one of LA’s not-so-secret weapons in production. After years of playing in his group DIOS, crafting songs for tv shows such as The OC and HBO’s Girls, and releasing music on labels such as Manimal, Burger, and Deathbomb Arc, “Papa Joel” now works out of his own recording studio helping other musicians. Most recently, Joel produced Miguel Mendez’s ‘Love Is For The Rich” which Uproxx named the #9 country music album of 2016″.


For the 50th anniversary of The Beatles ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’, Joel decided to pay homage to one of the biggest production inspirations in his life. Showing a reverence for the original material while still bringing his personalized LA surf-stoner approach to the sound, this collection deepens the harmonies and dissonances while embracing instrumentation both classic and contemporary. For a particularly unique experience, be sure to check out the disco robot take “Sgt Papa’s Reprise”.


These tracks are made available through the soundcloud and bandcamp for Joel’s recently launched record label, Psychedelic Thriftstore. Grab them for free and get ready for a lot more new music coming soon – all with Joel’s amazing production touch whether it is his own music or another band he has teamed with.





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