ORGAN THING: Oh and they encored with ‘Dirty Boy’. Yes, Dirty Boy! Weasel Walter and his Cellular Chaos gang hit London…


LIVE: Cellular Chaos / Madonnatron @ The Brewhouse, Hackney, London E8, 1st June 2017 –

So a gig in a railway arch in the hipster singularity that is London Fields Brewery.. and despite our fears, it’s a reassuringly proper venue, with a proper venue atmosphere. Caught the end of the set from Madonnatron who make an excellent motorik groove, appreciated by those with the nous to come for the headliners.
We’re here for Cellular Chaos, who have teleported here from planet wtf at short notice. And this may be a railway arch in Hackney with a handful of delighted aficionados present but this trio are going to give you a deep and satisfying ROCK experience of jaw-dropping intensity. There are scissor kicks. There is a moshpit. The smoke machine happens. It is absolutely ridiculous and excellent and before you think this is some kind of parody or fun side project – listen to those songs. A harsher, more garage, more kickass Devo thing is going on, crisp weirdass timings weaponised with post-apocalyptic lyrics from singer Admiral Grey, who tells it and acts it like she means it. You have the certified legend that is Weasel Walter on guitar and a certified madman drummer called Rad Chaines (aka Chad Raines) who keeps leaping to his feet for extra leverage.

Do you know what you want from a gig? Do you want to stand there wearing a hole in your chin or do you want to look around frantically for somewhere safe to put your pint because you cannot stay still another second? Do you want to fold your arms and look at the floor whilst you nod your man-bunned head or do you want to gape and laugh and pump the air at the shenanigans on (and sometimes off) the stage?  The answer to both these questions is the latter or why bother. Problem: there are simply not enough experts around to deliver the experience we’re talking about here: it takes guts, it takes personality, it takes sneaky musical know-how and a terrifying work ethic. These things do not come easy or frequently, despite the squillions of bands out there. Cellular Chaos are one of those one in a squillions. This was a reconnaissance mission, a quick sortie into new territory, and they plan to be back. Next time, be ready.
Oh and they encored with ‘Dirty Boy’.
Yes, Dirty Boy. Don’t ask me how.        (Marina)

More Cellular Choas here

Raw, raw footage fragment of Cellular Chaos performing ‘Dirty Boy’ at London Fields Brewhouse, Hackney, London, June 1st 2017


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