ORGAN THING: The third part of Mikko Joensuu’s Amen trilogy really is something good…


Organ Thing of the Day for this fine sunny Sunday morning is the third part of  Mikko Joensuu’s t trilogy, but first, in light of last’s night’s events in London, and for those of you asking, yes we’re okay (thanks), London feels very quiet and peaceful out there this sunny Sunday morning and well, I’m getting on with some painting. A tiny tiny brainwashed minority of idiots can’t stop everyday things happening. I’m not a Londoner but I’ve lived in this fine city for many many years alongside so many good people from all over the world, we live together we work and play together, we ride buses and trains we share and respect each other’s cultures, we laugh and cry together we look out for each other, we love all the colourful dress and the different languages and accents, we watch sport and listen to music and share art together, we enjoy the parks, the pubs, the cafes, the markets and the river together, we do all these things living next to each other and a very small small minority of losers won’t spoil any of that. So yes we’re okay, we’re sad to see some aren’t this morning, we can’t let hate breed more hate and divide this fine fine city and the good people who share it… Live broadcasts from Resonance FM are suspended for today, the studio is just by Borough Market, so we can’t get in, I believe old shows are being repeated today…

Mikko Joensuu – Amen 3 (Svart Records)

This is beautiful, it was to be the Thing of The Day today before the events of last night.  The third part of the Amen trilogy and Mikko Joensuu’s third solo album, don’t really need to say too much, just enjoy the uplifting flow of it all. So many musicians think they can do this, few really can, the climax to The Worst Of Me really is the best of him, and the restrained rush of Perfect Patterns really is just that, precise and spot on in the best traditions of John Michel Jarre, yes really that good, Richard Pinhas good, and then there’s the songs, hey look, you don’t need an in depth review today, here’s the soundcloud, the press release and all the info you need is down there. The album came out last Friday…


“Mikko Joensuu’s third solo album ‘Amen 3’’ is out today on Start Records. The Finnish singer- songwriter’s new album is more than the follow-up to the critically acclaimed ‘Amen 1’ and ‘Amen 2:’ it is the final chapter in the story begun by its predecessors. Each album is part of a triptych, with ‘Amen 3’ integral to the whole picture. Yet, still, ‘Amen 3’ stands on its own.

‘Amen 3’ begins with “Birth”, a song which is actually a goodbye: a break with all that has come before. The album ends with “Pearly Gates”, another goodbye: but one which is irrevocable – the end to the creative and soul-searching artistic process inspiring all three albums. Overall, ‘Amen 3’ describes a dream, woken from during new single “Dream About A Miracle” when Mikko embraces what will come after he has left behind what moved him to compose this deeply personal musical voyage through who he is, what has made him and who he has become. Each album is an unfiltered manifestation of Mikko’s search to free himself from his past and move on.

“Amen 1,2 and 3 are personal albums,” reveals Mikko, explaining his inspirations. “Personal emotions run through these albums. One main thing is depression, the darkness that people sometimes go through. The other thing is the religious aspect of my life. I was raised in a Pentecostal Christian home and surroundings. I grew up to be the person I am through that and I had to ask what is the concept of God, and how we ease our pain finding places which comfort us. These were big themes. Yet I didn’t think about them when I was writing the songs and didn’t specifically want to write songs about them. Then, in 2013, I realised these were the themes: when I say goodbye to the depression, my dilemmas with the idea of God and giving up on the idea that there actually is one.”

Without knowing it then, Mikko had begun writing the songs for each of the three albums in 2009 while still in his band Joensuu 1685, who issued one album. They splintered after the release of a single in 2011. In January 2013 he realised the songs he had written for himself were not for one solo album, but three. “I know it would have been crazy to have sat down and said ‘I will make three albums’,” he laughs about when he took stock. “But I suddenly knew which songs would be on each of the albums.” In the summer of 2013, he began recording in a cottage by his lakeside home in Lappajärvi, in the south-west of Finland. Once Svart Records began hearing the results, the label instantly came on board. ‘Amen 1’ was released in August 2016. ‘Amen 2’ followed in October.

With the deeply personal, emotional and majestic ‘Amen 3,’ Mikko Joensuu had completed the search to discover who he is. Finland has already recognised his incomparable achievement. Now, with the release of ‘Amen 3’ by Svart Records, it is time for the world beyond his country’s borders to connect with the remarkable Mikko Joensuu.


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