ORGAN THING: Amy Kingsmill’s rather powerful piece of silent art…



Performance artist Amy Kingsmill took part in the open night of Cultivate‘s Interact show last week, well actually she took part in the entire four-day show with her piece Fairytale, a piece that stood in the middle of the gallery from start to finish.  Interact, a group show featuring the paintings, sculpture, print making, installation, performance and more of some twenty-eight London-based artists, took place on the edges of Hackney, there’s more thought on the opening night to be read here. as well as lots of thought and imagery on the Cultivate website.



Amy’s latest rather beautiful performance piece started off quietly, no big fan fair or announcement, just the artist, quietly walking out to the middle of the gallery and a vase of creamy white roses and without saying anything and while no one was really looking or paying much attention to her, started her silent serene performance. Silence slowly fell across the packed gallery as attention switched from the paintings to Amy, was that a small tap inserted in to a vein? Blood started to drip down from her arm to the roses, people watched, the water in the vase slowly started to turn red, out came the camera phones, the whispers, some were transfixed, some covered their eyes, some had to leave, some started broadcasting via social media (her accompanying nurse  lurked in the background).  Don’t think many who watch the whole thing have an idea in terms of how long it all lasted, time stood still, people stayed silent (it was probably around fifteen minutes).  And then she walked out of the room as quietly as she had entered and left her roses in the waler and the blood for the next four days….   (sw)

Click on am image to enlarge or to follow the roses through the four days…



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