ORGAN THING: The angry punk rock energy of London’s Eat Dirt…


Today’s Organ thing of the day, Eat Dirt, no idea who these nameless people are,  they have history, they’re keeping that history to themselves, they don’t have names, they say they’re pissed off, they sound like they are, we’ve probably had a run in with them somewhere, they’re say they’re “a pissed off punk rock collective from London”, not sure what makes a band a collective rather than just another band? Whatever the score, they’re a proper angry punk rock band and today that’s hitting the spot…


Here’s the blurb the band’s people sent in….

“Forming in late 2016, following the spiralling storm of political idiocy and rising tensions throughout the United Kingdom, Eat Dirt are angry. The members of Eat Dirt, previously of well established UK acts, put their frustrations with real life together and have created the band’s debut 4 track EP, titled ‘Eat Dirt – I’, a raging and visceral blast of aggressive punk rock. Their anger is unrelenting and they have lots to say.

“I’d given up on music. I wasn’t really angry enough. I had nothing to sing about anymore. Then the whole Brexit thing happened. I’m mad at people. I’m mad at the world around me. As a group, we need to vent. Eat Dirt is that release.”  

Musically, Eat Dirt draw influence from The Bronx, Every Time I Die, Gallows and Comeback Kid, building a fast, unrelenting punk rock sound of their very own. They have no interest in “making it”, they don’t care for industry politics and will not pander to anyone – they simply want to play punk rock, have fun and release that pent-up aggression.

‘Eat Dirt – I’ clocks in at under 5 minutes, brought to life through the production skills of Justin Hill (ex-Sikth). The message is clear. These guys are frustrated and angry and don’t hold back. It’s honest and stripped back punk rock, at it’s finest”.


There you haveit then, and as it says in the hype their people sent in, “These guys are frustrated and angry and don’t hold back. It’s honest and stripped back punk rock, at it’s finest”, the music does the talking, these are angry times  ‘Eat Dirt – I’ is out now, for free, through all usual digital platforms including their Bandcamp that you’ll find down there. More details via the band’s website or their Facebook page

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