ORGAN THING: Standing on a runway waiting to take off, Madonnatron’s impressive debut album….


Organ Thing of The Day: Madonnatron’s debut album (Trashmouth Records), is on the way any moment now, now that’s a thing for a day….

Don’t be asking them to make you a sandwich now! That opening track of Madonnatron’s rather impressive debut album does rather sound like it might just be standing on a runway waiting to take off, Headless Children does sound like it evolved out of Masters of The Universe, this is a good thing of course, that is a rather fine way to start an album!  Back in the proper days of the Organ, the days long before the internet when paper ruled and piles of zines were sold outside gigs at long-gone sticky-carpeted places like the Robey, The Hammersmith Clarendon or The Marquee, back when photocopiers and DIY publications fuelled the underground networks, the days of the daze of Alice In Wonderland at Gossips and those mystery trips and Hawkwind all-dayers with the Gaye Bykers half way down the bill alongside Spacemen 3, back in the best days of The Cure and such, back there Madonnatron would have been a big big thing.  Back there Madonnatron would have been all over our messy fractured Organ pages, you’d buy their t-shirts from Kensington Market, they’d be perfectly at home in those classic underground days before Club Dog went all dance and Webcore were the coolest band in the world…


This is not a retro thing though, don’t be mistaking what we’re saying here, we’re merely pointing out how well they would have fitted in back there in the very best of London’s underground days.  No, this is very much right here and right now, Madonnatron mix up space rock with a punky garage psych drive and a deliciously dark Cure-flavoured edge that’s very much for here and now – the London band deliver their stylish thing with a bold knowing forward looking attitude that comfortably places them nowhere else but right here right now, right here boldly planting their boots in the middle of summer of 2017.   At times they’re witchy, at times they brood, at times they threaten to get all frantic without ever loosing their control and always being the ones in command of the situation.  Yes there are bits of Hawkwind, bits of Siouxsie, bits that taste of The Cure, bits of Fuzzbox as well, vital hints of The Raincoats in there with that classic alternative punky brew of dark swirling slightly gothy space rock, never too slick, always with an edge.  Their’s is a heady flow (and they’re damn good live as well), they’re got a punky edge, they’ve got that scratchy Raincoats suss we mentioned already – they’re clearly not people to mess with!  Madonnatron have that powerful chemistry, that we’re-doing-it-our-way-don’t-mess-with-us attitude, all these things are good things, a review that allows us to name-drop both Hawkwind and The Raincoats, what more could you want?


“Much in the manner a devotional feline will proudly massacre vermin, leaving it’s sacrificial remains to fetter your hallway carpet, we bring you Madonnatron” say their label Trashmouth, “We are not going to make you a sandwich, motherf**kers” say the band, “Psychedelic Witch Prog” is the way they choose to describe what they do. Hey look, Madonnatron are as cool as flip, they’re the (almost lost) spirit of the age, they’re a breath of fresh air, they’re attitude drenched with energy as well as substance, dare we say Wedding Song is a little sassy?  Tron is gloriously moody (and there goes another cool Hawkriff!), Be My Bitch is just them in total control of the whole situation. Madonnatron’s debut album is ready to go, the previous singles and advanced tastes told us it just might be rather good, it is…   (sw)


You can pre-order the highly recommended debut Madonnatron album via their Bandcamp page, there’s a London album launch gig in Brixton at the Windmill  the end of the month, 29th July to be exact,  we’re told the vinyl will be available there.








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