ORGAN THING: New Turbonegro earfood, new Madonnatron tour dates, fear the girth…




Apparently Turbonegro’s ninth studio album, “Rock ‘n Roll Machine”, will be released on February 2nd, seems that’s twenty years to the day since the band began that “Apocalypse Trilogy” thing with 1998’s “Apocalypse Dudes”. They’ve shared a couple of tracks on social media and such, both of them are on this page somewhere, it isn’t quite a motherflipping pizza but they’re still hitting the blurred line between genius and dumb in that stylish way they always have done, that banging heads on walls thing, final telephone calls and all that wildhearted stuff they do so damn well. Vocalist Tony Sylvester a.k.a. The Duke Of Nothing had this to say about the new material: “We’ve spent the the past years honing our skills. The music we are releasing now is more distilled, more refined, more pointed, more powerful; we traveled to the future and this is what we heard on the radio!” When did he become vocalist said someone – Sylvester was previously the frontman of U.K. band Dukes Of Nothing, he joined the Norwegians back in 2011 after the departure of band’s longtime singer Hank Von Helvete


And it would also appear that Madonnatron have announced some UK dates and the “dawn of the Tron is upon us! – A trembling shall ripple across these wretched isles as we hurtle towards you and 12 UK cities during March & April. Support comes variously from sonic pugilists Melt Dunes, ARXX , KYŌGEN and Chupa Cabra. Plus local support from Wild Fruit Art Collective PET CROW Inevitable Daydream Jo Mary Something Leather Hollow Mask Mysteron + more” No more with a capital M though, no We Are The Band, “Fear the girth!” so they say,


Here come those dates….


9 March – Southampton – Heartbreakers, 15 March – Brighton – The Hope & Ruin, 16 March – Liverpool – District, 17 March – Manchester – Soup Kitchen, 23 march – Cardiff – The Moon, 24 March – Bristol – Hy-Brasil Music Club, 6 April – Margate – Tom Thumb Theatre, 7 April – Sheffield – The Washington, 8 April – Nottingham – Rough Trade Nottingham, 12 April – Edinburgh – Sneaky Pete’s, 13 April – Glasgow – Broadcast, 18 April – London – The Lexington

And while we’re still here here



Turbonegro last week (or the week before)



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