ORGAN THING: Five musical slices, Memnon Sa, Sex Swing, a new thing from Lee Ranaldo, The Creeping Terrors, Wrongboy…


Five? We haven’t  gathered together a “five” recently, we do keep trawling through the mountain of e.mails and links and press releases in search of that new thing or a New Thing from someone who might not be such a new thing now. Here’s your recommended  five, do what you will with these things…..

1: MEMNON SA  “Following the release of their acclaimed debut ‘Citadel’ in 2015, Memnon Sa return with ‘Lemurian Dawn’, a cosmic journey through space, time and myth. Much like ‘Citadel’, the primary element of the new album is its carefully constructed atmosphere. Whilst the overtones of doom metal have subsided the sense of dread and mystery remain, the new album is more Sun Ra than it is Sunn O)))” or so reads the press release that comes with this taste of the new album (out on September 29th) that the band have just let loose…

2: SEX SWING as far a we know, aren’t about to release anything new quite yet, we’re still enjoying (is enjoying the right word?) that debut album (review here), the Bandcamp version of their album is just down there and they are playing a gig this Thursday though, rather good looking bill, which is why they get a mention here again. gig details on the otherside of the music…


The gig in question is on Thursday 20th July, it happens at The Brewhouse, Hackney, East London, E8 3SB, sharing a bill with Sly and The Family Drone as well as Bonnacons of Doom, the Facebook event page is here (there has to be a Facebook event page, they need to track who’s going or who might be thinking of going), The album review will tell you more and if you watch a Sex Swing video on You Tube do watch out for what the automatic selection bot might select for you next. London Fields on Thursday then…


Sex Swing


3: LEE RANALDO has unveiled the video for ‘New Thing’, the second track to be taken from his brand new album Electric Trim, out on 15 September. “Directed by Naomi Yang (founding member of Galaxie 500, Yang has directed videos for Richard Youngs and Julia Holter, amongst others), it sees Lee Ranaldo travelling through New York City and holds a mirror to our current all-consuming obsession with smart phones and small screens…”


4: THE CREEPING TERRORS – Shall we mention their riot grrl past? Or shall we focus on their obsession with the dead? Consuelo de la Muerte is not to be messed with whatever she might be doing, right now she’s in London with her band The Creeping Terrors, think black lipped horror and “low budget soundtracks with a sinister sense of humour. Think deathrock meets Riot Grrrl with a passion for horror….” Here comes their Bandcamp thing….


5 WRONGBOY:  Here some new earfood from Wrongboy,, he’s from Los Angeles, here’s what someone from somewhere has to say about it all “WRONGBOY is known for his brutal, soul bearing trap performances – offering extremes of emotion from desperation to destruction. ‘WITH THESE TWO HANDS’ is his latest punk masterpiece, injecting this honesty and power into a collection of tracks perfect for either hiding in the dark of your own room or blasting with the windows down as you drive through your town”.  


More tomorrow, maybe…..


The street, East London, July 2017




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