ORGAN THING: Hackney Wicked is upon us, Aida Wilde and Edwin are Left Outside….

As we might have said once or twice here on these fractured pages, the Hackney WickEd weekend is upon us, it all kicks  off tonight with slightly controversial InsideOut show at the vast HereEast complex. Meanwhile Wick-based artists Aida and Edwin are left outside. Here, on the other side of this photo of last year’s brilliant Lord Napier make over, is their take on things…


Lord Napier, Hackney Wick, July 2016

“Left Outside Residency – Hackney Wick artists Aida Wilde and Edwin will be holding a two-day street residency coinciding with this year’s Hackney Wicked “Summer of Love” open studios on July 28th – 30th.

Whilst both artists have previously worked officially in partnership with Hackney Wicked, this year they have consciously decided to offer an alternative position to the scheduled program.

Now in its ninth year Hackney Wicked has provided local residents a platform to celebrate and discuss life in this threatened treasure.  However, the artists believe that this year’s decision to use the sterile “Here East” block for the group show, co-curated by Gavin Turk, displays a radical departure from the spirit of rebellion in the project’s ethos.

The face of Hackney Wick today is barely recognizable from the creative hub it’s known to be, Studio closures and rising rents have driven hundreds of occupants out of the area, particularly in the last year to make way for large-scale luxury developments, fronted by foreign investment.

Through various forms of intervention the pair will be arresting public space throughout the weekend in a continuation of the agitated rebellion both are known for.  In true spirit of the Wick full details of their work and activism will have to be discovered in person. In a weekend that will shine a light on the displacement that the community is facing, this is a reminder that there are still strong voices to be heard above the deafening drills of development.  Instagram: aida_wilde  Instagram: thatlazyedwin


Hackney WickEd, July 2016

Now we love Aida’s work, I love her energy, her use of colour and her confrontation and yes, her “spirit of rebellion” I adore her paste ups, (and yer man Edwin brings a certain something ot the street as well). but I’m not sure that Hackney Wicked has been about rebellion? Sure, there’s always a rbellious undercurent next to al lthe other flavours that have always been there ly , but surely it has been about creativity, community, about positively making things happen?  The Wick i change and so much of what Aida and Edwin say is true and as I already said yesterday, I’m confiliced about the Here East show and taking part in the Inside Out event, I am taking part though and I hope the nayor or some of the developers show up for a chat tonight, I hope they come and get a flacour of what some of it is is about., I love that the Rebecca Feiner piece further down this page is on the wall at Here East Tonight



Rebecca Feiner’s piece at Here East Tonight

I jsut replied to Aida’s e.mail mailing-list mailout release (posted above), here’s what I said…

“Hi Aida I like your energy, (I always do), but this time I think it needs more than one approach and more than anything we need unity.  I wrote a piece on the Organ page yesterday about the Here East thing, I’m conflicted about it, about taking part in it, I hear your arguments, but the wick that we love is going fast (and I’ve known it longer than most, that Here East space is where i first stood watching the hells Angel’s induced chaos of a Motorhead gig at the dog track, there wasn’t much art in the Wick back then!), Anyway, you can read my piece on the Here East show on the Organ website if you want to, I’ll post your bit up on the same website in a moment. it deserved to be added.  I guess I might see you over the weekend, well at least see your work….

I have to say, as one of the few people willing to fight for East London’s Vyner Street when no one much gave a flying flip a couple of years back, when very few would stand with us (Vyner Street, the place where I first discovered your art pasted on the wall by out gallery by the way, Vyner street, a place that did start off as a whole load of artists squats when the whole place was falling down and no one else much wanted to be there).

They will just bulldozer over you/us/The Wick/everyone in the end, they will coses out spaces, we will all get priced out, and yes I’m conflicted about Gavin’s thing, at first I said no way and declined the invite to take part.  But Vyner Street doesn’t exist any more, when we first moved in to our Cultivate space there was 15 galleries or art spaces open on the street and First Thursday was something very special, when our walls got knocked down we were just about the last artist-run space left on the once very special street. All you have now down Vyner Street is one big unfriendly aloof corporate white cube gallery that thinks its above us alL and a whole loat of unafordable gentrification. Everyone else wh owas part ogf the Vyner Street community has been forced out and everything replaced by a load of glass fronted developments, high-priced coffee shops and tech people working in what were once art galleries alive with colour and creativity.  No art left in the street, no community, no nothing!  The Wick will be the same in a couple of years, we’re all going to be kicked out in the end, we can all see it happening on an almost weekly basis, London doesn’t want the likes of us. I’ll post your bit on the Organ pages now (I did find it above), but we’ve stood in front of bulldozers during the Leytonstone Days of the M11 link Road, we’ve seen the battles in Broadway Market that everyone has forgotten now, we tried (with no support) in Vyner Street, we ended up pushed out every single time without any hint that “we” were ever there.  I think alongside the battle for the Wick this time there needs to be some bridges and we need to change a few minds rather than just fight then,  it needs to be carrots along with the sticks.  The Wharf can still be saved, but there has to be dialogue along with the confrontation or we’re just fighting another losing battle, so yes, I’m taking part in Gavin’s thing.  Anyway you can read what I had to say, it will be interesting to see what people have to say at Here East this weekend, I shall be there tonight, we shall see who else turns up, will the Mayor be there? This is going to be an interesting evening, keep doing what you so Aida, I love your energy and your work, one of your pieces would have made a powerful point at Here East.  (sw).

Here’s the link  ORGAN THING: Some bridges do need to be built, Gavin Turk’s Inside Out group show kicks off Hackney WickEd this Friday, come celebrate a community…

See you out there….


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