ORGAN THING: Detroit’s Adult have a new video featuring multidisciplinary artist Lun*na Menoh, they’re also in the UK this week…


Some days the Organ Thing Of The Day can be a long consider thing that takes a little time to write, like yesterday’s piece on the Hackney Wicked festival for example, some days it can be little more than a quick cut ‘n paste piece of some news, a video, and a vital  link or two. Today we choose to share a slice of Adult ahead of their dates over here

“ADULT. (Detroit’s Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller) have released a new video for Uncomfortable Positions, featuring Japanese born, LA based multidisciplinary artist Lun*na Menoh”.


“Uncomfortable Positions (feat. Lun*na Menoh) is taken from Detroit House Guests, the latest album by ADULT. – out now on Mute.   Detroit House Guests is a collaborative project, conceived by ADULT. in the early 2000s. 

Lun*na Menoh, whose work deals with “fashion, clothing and exposing the invisible thread between performance and fabric”, and Nicola Kuperus recorded the video in one take – both blindfolded, manipulating a sewing machine hooked up to effects pedals Further information about a piece of the artist’s work owned by the V&A can be read here.

The band are in the UK this week for a show at the MOTH Club, London on 3 August, with support from Richard Fearless, and for Optimo’s 20th anniversary celebrations in Glasgow on 6 August (full details below).


Uncomfortable Positions is taken from the band’s latest album, out now on Mute. Detroit House Guests, a project conceived by ADULT. based on the visual artist residency model. Each musician came to ADULT.’s studio for a three week period with the parameter that they all live, work and collaborate together. The result – a total anthropological sound experiment and a full length album.

The album features collaborations with a whole host of musicians and artists – Douglas J McCarthy from Nitzer Ebb, Michael Gira from Swans, Shannon Funchess from Light Asylum, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe aka Lichens, Austrian thereminist Dorit Chrysler and Lun*na Menoh.

Kuperus and Miller also make sculpture, paintings, films, photographs, performances, videos and installations. They strive to intersect the lines between art and audio and have exhibited their work at institutions such as the Austrian Cultural Forum (NY), Mattress Factory (Pittsburgh), Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit), MOMAS (Saitama, Japan), and Centre d’art contemporain de Meymac (FR). They have shown their film The Three Grace(s) triptych at spaces such as Anthology Film Archives (NY), Distrital Film Festival (Mexico City), and Grey Area for Art and Technology (SF).

3 Aug – London, UK – MOTH Club with Richard Fearless
4 Aug – Plougonvelin, France – Festival Visions #5
6 Aug – Glasgow, Scotland – Optimo 20 at The Galveniser’s Yard
Connect with ADULT.

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