ORGAN THING: Five musical slices, Lily And Horn Horse, Girls In Airports, Liars, Third Culture Kings, Devil’s Emissary, and a touch of Mark Olson’s new album…


Hackney Wicked, Sunday July 30th 2017

Five? You know how it works, you know the score, or maybe you don’t? We go trawling through the hundreds of e.mails that come in from bands, record labels and their persistent PR companies everyday until we find five we think worthy of a share and a link, five pieces of music worth your ear and our time. Here then are another five, in no particular order and on no particular day, five musical things to check out and then go explore should you wish to….


1: GIRLS IN AIRPORTS: A new recording from the delightfully fluid Danish band, a track from a new live album imaginately called “Live”, due out in September


“Danish super group Girls in Airports returns this Autumn with the release of their 5th album ‘Live’ recorded in Germany, April 2017. Described as ‘a unique blend of Nordic jazz lyricism, indie-rock influences and sounds from around the world’, their charismatic live performances have quickly made them one of the most talked about new bands on the international scene. Featuring four new tracks as well as eight finely honed performances from their previous three albums, ‘Live’ combines jazz, indie and urban folk into a unique expression of heart stirring melody-laden elegiac hooks and dance-friendly globally-influenced rhythms.

Featuring five of the most distinctive and creative musicians from the Danish scene, Girls in Airports has again lived up to the hype surrounding them as one of the most vital experimental ensembles in Europe. With a coherent and unique sound, their music is both absorbing and powerfully emotive. Moving elegantly between the raw and gritty percussive energy of ADAC (a title that references Aussie rockers AC/DC and a German vehicle breakdown service) to the blissful serenity of Aeiki, the band has delivered an intrinsically captivating album”.


2: LILY AND HORN HORSE: Who you say? But then you said that about Shimmer last week? The brilliantly named Lily and Horn horse are Lily Konigsberg (a member of the experimental punk band Palberta, see how this is all fitting together in such a neat way) and Matt Norman (I guess he’s horn horse?) making music together.  They’re going out on tour with Deerhoof in the U.S on September 29th, they’ve just previewed a first taste of what is a rather fine album (we have the whole thing here, more about the whole thing in a few days, here’s a first taste and some cut ‘n paste background that their man sent in….    

“Imagine if …”Baby One More” Time-era Britney Spears and Bill Callahan holed away to make a record. That’s the fantasy Lily Konigsberg and Matt Norman bring to life as Lily and Horn Horse. Though the two barely crossed paths during their overlapping time at Bard College in New York’s Hudson Valley, a seemingly predestined encounter brought Lily and Matt together. While on a quest for a lost blanket, Matt ended up at his old house, in which Lily was now residing. The pair eventually began working on recordings together, with Matt saying that “I was glad when she asked me to add baritone horn to her songs, and glad when she agreed to add her siren voice to music that I was recording.” Many of those tracks, which composed Matt’s Horn Horse record and Lily’s karaoke experiments, found their way onto March 2017’s Lily on Horn Horse. The 28 track tape flits from drum-machine dances to abstract frenzies but sounds remarkably cohesive all things considered.

The 19 tracks that fill their second collaborative tape, Next to Me, paint a picture of pessimism, love, despair, and perseverance. “Our working relationship is sustained by criticism and love. While performing we usually don’t directly interact, but when we have to share a microphone we accidentally perform intimacy,” the two musicians explain. “Also, we have learned dance techniques from each other and sometimes synchronize them in performances.” Unlike her frenzied work in the experimental punk trio Palberta, here Lily luxuriates in softness. Her voice is helium-spiked cotton candy while Matt’s baritone provides robotic sharpness. Lily finds inspiration in the works of Arthur Russell and Guided by Voices while Matt cites “young Ry Cooder, old George Jones, and 4th dimensional Donald Fagen”; both deeply admire the Memphis duo Aimee and Rickie. 

While they may pull influence from these sources, Lily and Horn Horse sound wholly unique. The pair typically begin building songs individually and then collaborate in later stages of production. As such, the tracklist alternates between each performer and is filled with brief instrumental interludes. “Do you see what I see/Listen to me beforehand baby/If you want to get next to me,” Lily chirps over careening blips on the opener “Next to Me 1.” On “Scumbag’s Apprentice,” squawking samples give way to Matt experiencing a crisis of character that could soundtrack an 8-bit video game. When Lily and Matt appear together later on “I’m 25,” their voices meld together so hypnotically that their crooning sounds like a message from another planet. “Staring at Plants” transforms a sample of Lily and Matt playing a Casio keyboard together into a whirling, sensuous dreamscape. To say the least, Next to Me is a reverie of ideas and melodies that sweep the listener away into the world of Lily and Horn Horse.



3: THIRD CULTURE KINGS – The first release from Third Culture Kings, a new project recorded almost entirely direct to iPhone by dälek founder Alap “Oktopus” Momin and Jan Johansen from Glorybox.  Their debut LP will be released on Internet & Weed Recordings on August 18th.

“Johansen has toured and played with the likes of Iggy & The Stooges and Sufjan Stevens while dälek were a hugely influential act, fusing hip-hop and noise long before the likes of Death Grips etc. and playing shows alongside acts as diverse as De La Soul, Sonic Youth, Prince Paul and The Mars Volta. Alap is also a recording engineer and has worked on records from the likes of Will Oldham, David Byrne, Dillinger Escape Plan and Faust amongst others.

Their new project takes dälek’s no-rules approach to pigeon holes to a further level and in terms of the iPhone recordings, Momin created the beats, bass and majority of synth lines on his device, while Johansen then recorded backing vocals, second guitar, vibraphone, piano, horns, rhodes, and melodica as voice memos on his that were eventually dropped on top of the finished tracks”.

4: DEVIL’S EMISSARY  – “Two years after their second album, Devil’s Emissary return from the Void to sow the divine seed of chaos to reverse gravity”. “Demiurge Asceticism” contains nearly 20 minutes of lunatic incantations, divided into three anthems praising the Harvester of Worlds – the great Swallower of Suns”.


Here comes the rather “interesting” press release – “A Black Metal of Death, shrouded in left hand path’s philosophy, is now carried on the banners of this ambitious Polish horde. The black metal formula, well-known from the two previous releases, has transfigurated into a death metal hybrid, but still honouring respect to the band’s roots. Low tuned vibrations are raising the chant’s from the ancient tombs of this Emissary trio coming from the south of Poland. The Message of the slow-stepping Demiurge resounds with echoes of Australian, Greek and Canadian death metal roots. “Demiurge Asceticism” is the manifest of heaven’s violent death – the will of those below foretold in the Horizon Temple.  Open to the pilgrims of fire. Become everything and nothing.  Check it out if you are into sounds like Grave Upheaval, Dead Congregation, Arkhon Infaustus, Void Meditation Cult… The truth about the Devil’s Emissary is somewhere in between them all”.

Most black death metal is as tedious as the tedious can be but now and a gain something will blow in with a little more than most. Meanwhile, Liars….

5: LIARS  – A second taste of that forthcoming Liars album we already told you about a few pages back, the album, ‘TFCF’, is to be released 25th August via Mute…


6: MARK OLSON – And while we’re here, one more, here, s sixth slice, enjoy (enjoy really is the word here) a touch of one time Jayhawk Mark Olson’s new album, a track called ‘Dear Elisabeth’ taken from the new album ‘Spokeswoman of the Bright Sun’ (coming up on Sept 1st, 2017via Glitterhouse Records).


There you six for the price of five, do what you will with them, shall we go dig out that old Dalek interview while we learn to re- suck eggs?   More of this next week (maybe). or whenever we find the next five (or six) worth of our time and yours….





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