ORGAN THING: Five fresh musical slices, Housewives, Autobahn, Spaltmeter, Queen Moo, Angèle David-Guillou…

That five thing again, all that music stuff, stuff stuff that clutters up the in-box and causes to have to listen to so so much unremarkable music so you don’t have to. These then are the five things that stood out a little, five things worth your time and ours, five things we rather recommend in that fractured way we do with this slimmed down version of this 30 year old thing known as Organ,,,


1: HOUSEWIVES are “a London based experimental four piece creating music which lies on the boundary between noise and sound. Their austere, rhythmically charged music has a distinctively cold, minimalist edge; abrasive guitars blend with droning bass lines and propulsive, relentless drums. Their live approach is anti-performance, using a stark and minimal aesthetic coupled with intense and powerful compositions. Often using home made instruments, they explore unique sonic textures creating a challenging progressive sound”. On 17th August Housewives release a new album, they also play London’s Cafe Oto on Saturday 19th August


2; AUTOBAHN have let loose a new piece of music, a track taken from the band’s second album ‘The Moral Crossing’, out on 3rd November 2017 on Tough Love Records

“Leeds post-punk quintet Autobahn return with the frenetic first single and title track of their upcoming second album, “The Moral Crossing”,, The album will be released by Tough Love Records on a selection of physical formats

Following considerable attention around their debut album, Autobahn’s second has seen lead singer and principal songwriter Craig Johnson, guitarists Michael Pedel and Gavin Cobb, bassist Daniel Sleight and drummer Liam Hilton deciding to giving up their practice room that doubled as a hardcore/punk venue (which influenced their original sound, as did a love of The Birthday Party) and build their own studio space – on their own terms – “The first album hinted at emotion and feeling, but this record encapsulates that from the offset. The melancholic aspect of our music is often offset by an aggressive dissonance, but to me there’s also a romantic side to what we do, which isn’t always clear because of the 100mph drive of the band. That’s what we are exploring with this new album.” – Craig Johnson


Issue 25



3: QUEEN MOO – Connecticut indie-rock four piece, Queen Moo, have a new single ‘Come Through’. The single preceeds the release of their new album ‘Mean Well’, due out on the 25th August via Topshelf Records.


Queen Moo are an “American Rock & Roll band. The group presents vivid harmony refined through a rigorous and personal creative process. Their second full length, Mean Well, is a portrait of the group and the individuals”.



4: ANGÈLE DAVID-GUILLOU  has announced a new album “En Mouvement”. That track down there is a first taste, a track said to be inspired by Philip Glass, Andrei Tarkovsky and Sumerian art, a track that will be on the new album due out via Village Green Recording on October 13th

‘I started working on Desert Stilts as I was looking into odd metric changes and Baroque rhythms. At the same time I was reading a passage of Gurdjieff’s book Meetings With Remarkable Men, in which himself and a group of friends are crossing a desert. There is suddenly a terrible sand storm and the team of adventurers are stopped in their track. After a while they decide, as one does, to walk on stilts. High from the ground, the air is clear and windless and they can walk without any problem across the desert whilst the storm is raging below. I love this fable for its beautiful metaphoric meaning but also because it is totally absurd and told with great wit and humour. Peace is achieved through determination, light-heartedness and absurdity. I love this combination of the serious and the absurd and I wanted to translate that into music.’ Angèle David-Guillou on ‘Desert Stilts’



5: SPALTMETER? Who or what are or is Spaltmeter? Don’t ask me, you have the link there at the start of this fractured sentence, you have those two slices of music there, you can go find the answer the question


One last bit of Housewives…

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