ORGAN THING: New York anti-folk punk band American Anymen’s new E.P ‘Flag Burner’ takes a stance against Trump’s America…

This just in: “Please have a listen to their new ‘Flag Burner’ EP and support the band and this important cause by spreading this music” read the e.mail that just came in. And so we had a listen, Brooklyn’s American Anymen are always worth listening to, seems they just made a new recording. Seems the four of them just made this EP and video and posted it all up a couple of hours ago, and hey, it might not be our flag, but they’re more than welcome to our platform, that giant orange head is devouring everything everwhere, scaring the hell out of us….


“As we head into the weekend, we are well aware that U.S. events this week have got a lot of people’s blood boiling. Rather shocking and upsetting to say the least, and many people are finding their voices and standing ground through this ordeal. AMERICAN ANYMEN, quite an outspoken antifolk / punk / alternative outfit based in Brooklyn, are among those using their voices”.

“Ever clever with his lyrics, frontman Brett Sullivan says this “has to be addressed if we are serious about the safety of the world and everyone in it”. I couldn’t agree more. I hope you feel the same way I do, full of awe when listening to American Anymen, as I think “it’s incredible just how brilliant some people are in getting across such important messages through their art”

“NYC-based antifolk punk outfit American Anymen has announced they will release their new EP in mid-September. Called ‘Flag Burner’, this release addresses multiple contentious aspects of today’s governance and society, and the corrupt situation prevalent today in the echelons of power”.



“American Anymen was created in 1999 in NYC’s Lower East Side. With an unconventional approach to guitar, their sound is an eclectic mix of folk punk with indie rock and old school hip-hop. With singer/songwriter and guitarist Brett Sullivan as its core, American Anymen’s current lineup also includes Joey Patches (drums and vocals), Scott Fragala (bass and keyboards), and Jen Turner (guitar and vocals). Chris Urban from New Jersey punk band Crazy and the Brains also contributes to ‘President 2’.
Unique to American Anymen is the band’s strong politics and ethical importance. While previous releases explore such issues as the downside of globalization, social injustice, police brutality, corruption and inequity, The new American Anymen release is their response to what has become known as Trump’s America”.
“Flag Burner is a reaction to the facist in the White House,” says American Anymen’s Brett Sullivan. “It was written with the idea that messages being subtly delivered in poetic lyrics was simply not enough in a Trump America. So the songs are blunt and literal.  We have to speak our against these people, and the culture and rhetoric they promote.  Locker room talk should not be their norm.”

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