ORGAN THING: The return of those legendary Oroonies, woods alive with the smell once more…


Back in the days of Club Dog, before the daze of Mega Dog and electronic beats, back in the days when the Dog was at the Robey over in Finsbury Park (and before that the Wood Green Trade Union centre), back in the days of real anarchy and proper free festivals and FIN cells and bits of paper hinting that something might be happening in this field or by that stone circle, back in the days where you never quite knew what would happen in the Poodle Lounge or what Monkey Pilot was going to play to excite your ears and music was mostly share via cassettes in photocopied covers and people selling tapes at gigs and the glorious times of Ullulators and Ozric Tentacles and Webcore and handmade fanzines (like Organ) telling you where to send your postal orders and your letters (with those soaped stamps and Crass stickers on the front of the recycled envelopes) to get that next cassette album, back there one of the very best bands of all were the always wonderful thing that were known as The Oroonies.   Their gigs were alive with the smell of his coming, their evoking of Pan and pagan ritual, gigs alive with green anarchy and whirling energy. You didn’t read about The Oroonies in the music press or hear them on the radio (besides John Peel of course), but word of mouth and  the unerground networks were strong back then and those Oroones gigs were alive with whirling whoosing energy, those tapes were full of beautiful spirit…

“The Oroonies careered their way through the 1980’s with a lunatic energy at free festivals and psychedelic venues. Renowned for their invocations of Pan, their gigs created pandemonium, pleasure and pain in various proportions. The band split up in 1991 and it was thought no more would be heard of them…”

And nothing was heard of those Oroonies (or their cheap suits) for many years, until word of new recordings started to emerge….

“But the Oroonies have surfaced once more with three original members of the band as a trio of drums, guitar and keyboards, releasing four albums over four years: Undone, Next Door, Prodding and Nobody Understands. The music has got stranger, but identifiably Oroonies. Live gigs are now being unleashed and further psychedelic excess will undoubtedly arise”

And (if we have this right), then this week see the first live performance from The Oroonies for many many years (that’s what they said, although there seems to be You Tube evidence from this year to contradict that), a rare live gig then, it happens in Bristol on September 8th at the Louisiana, Bristol with support band 7shades and DMTV psychedelic lightshow

STOP PRESS The Oroonies say “ yes, we did play a gig at Kozfest in July which is where we met 7shades, who we have invited to play with us this Friday as they are great and the perfect accompaniment. So this is the second gig and will be a different version from the first as these days it is very hard for us to play the same thing twice. Looking forward to seeing everyone for the warpspasm!”
Ticket details
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The Oroonies Facebook

The Oroonies, 2017 style, Nobody Understands…


The Oroonies, 1986 style, Everyone understood…




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