ORGAN PREVIEW: Yowie’s European tour trailer film thing, they’re on their way…


The always vital band we know and love as Yowie have let loose a trailer, a trailer heralding their forthcoming European tour, and here it comes now…


The trailer features the song “Ineffable Dolphin Communion” from the Skin Graft Records album Synchromysticism. Full details of how to get your hands on the deliciously obtuse album are on the Skin Graft Bandcamp page…

And here comes the link to the Facebook Event Page for the tour which they promise to keep up-to-date with the latest information during the tour. The full list of European dates are on the Facebook page, the only UK date happens on October 13th at the Brewhouse, Hackney, East London.

Yowie have regularly featured on the Other Rock Show and well as on the pages of Organ of course, it kind of goes without saying that this is a gig not to miss…



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