ORGAN THING: With failing eyes we give you Dog In The Snow and a taste of her new album….


Dog In The Snow, who’s that then? Or who are they? Is it he or is it she (or is it  a or b…) Apparently Dog  In The Snow is Brighton-based Helen Ganya Brown, and in a Bat For Lashes, She Makes War kind of way, Brighton-based Helen prefers to work under the name Dog in The Snow – and why not? Fine by us, here comes the dog, her debut album Consume Me is out on October 20th…

Official music video for single ‘Child’ off of Dog In The Snow’s upcoming debut LP ‘Consume Me’ (October 20 via Battle). The video was directed by Directed by JJonny Sanders

And here’s some more, I do like this current Organ format, back in the day we’d have to write some kind of long-ass review, then wait for the printer to print it then send it you in the post or sell it you out the Marquee or the Robey or the Lady Owen Arms of gawd forbid the Bull And Gate, we’f have to dance like fools around the the architecture and name drop people like Sufjan Stevens or Kate Bush just to plant the vague idea in your head  – “With failing eyes K. could still see the two of them, cheek leaning against cheek, immediately before his face, watching the final act. ‘Like a dog!’ he said: it was as if he meant the shame of it to outlive him.”




Live dates
25.10 – The Waiting Room, London†
28.10 – The Basement, Brighton†
18.11 – Rialto Theatre, Brighton*
19.11 – 100 Club, London*
20.11 – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds*
21.11 – Soup Kitchen, Manchester*
23.11 – Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate*
†Album launch show
*Supporting Lost Horizons



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