ORGAN THING: Dream Nails let loose a furiously infectious new EP, hear a taste of those Riot Grrrl flavours right here…


The excellent Dream Nails have a new release as well as a release party to celebrate that release, and here comes a taste of that release, all that energy released once more. Tourist is already one of the stand-out songs from their beautifully energetic live set, and as we said before, you really need to see them live – ORGAN THING: Dream Nails, “Girls to the front! Girls to the front! Girls to the front! Girls to the front! Girls to the front! Girls to the front! Girls to the front! Girls to the front….”  –  “You’ve got to come see Dream Nails” she said, it was more of a demand than an option, she was right of course, what a gig! More than a gig really, an energy, an event, a brilliantly joyous event.  “Girls to the front! Girls to the front! Girls to the front! Girls to the front! Girls to the front! Girls to the front! Girls to the front! Girls to the front….” she forcibly shouts. There’s massive smiles everywhere, people are dancing like mad, the room is alive with attitude and energy, the positive spirit of DIY punk rock, of Bikini Kill and 90’s Riot Grrrl carried forward in such a powerfully natural way.  

“DIY punk witches from London” is how Dream Nails  describe themselves, it was moving and affecting and yes, it was great” she said the next day.  I know she was rather affected in a very (very) positive way, it would almost be impossible not to be, that was more than just another band playing another great gig.  It was more than just “great”, it was brilliant and everyone who was there damn well knows it was brilliant! It was a brilliant gig!…” The rest of the review is here

And that song Tourist really is a pointed finger jabbing away, here it is…


Tourist is a powerful song about emotionally predatory men who are drawn to women when they’re vulnerable. Front woman Janey Starling explains “it’s about men who present themselves as a hero but all they really want to do is fetishise sad girls, make them emotionally attached and then abuse that power. We can smell those guys a mile away and they’re creepy.”

At times like this, it’s more important than ever to have politically-charged bands set on combining activism with fantastic music. Dream Nails succeed in doing just that. Racing with infectious riffs, jangly melodies and the seething passion of Janey’s distinctive vocals, Tourist oozes a sparkling punk-force and intense contagious energy akin to the likes of Riot Grrrl pioneers Bikini Kill.

Having already built a reputation in London and across Europe for their riotous live sets, Dream Nails have also drawn in crowds headlining the Sisterhood stage at Glastonbury, as well as supporting bands such as Cherry Glazerr, Bleached and Petrol Girls. Now, with support from well-regarded sites including Dazed, Nylon and Refinary29 to name a few, Dream Nails hope to continue to inspire and empower with their latest impassioned release”.

Catch Dream Nails live at the following dates:

27th October – EP Launch – DIY Space For London – Tickets
18th November – Cambridge Indiepop All-Dayer – The Blue Moon – Tickets
24th November – The Black Heart, London – Tickets
20th January – Amersham Arms, London – Tickets 

And here’s what the band say about their launch gig on October 27th at London’s excellent DIY Space – “As the true punk witches we are, we’re throwing a HALLOWEEN PARTY for the launch of our second EP, Dare to Care!  We have honestly never been so excited about a show in our lives. This EP is all about self-care through political action, and we’re launching it with a handmade zine dedicated to witches and ancient women’s wisdom. We’ve worked hard this year and are so proud of what we’ve made, so can’t wait to share it with you!

OUR PARTY WILL FEATURE:  **Delicious pumpkin curry** courtesy of Vegan Delights. The revolution ain’t gonna happen on an empty stomach ya know! Also gluten-free, vegan cakes as well as  MAYA SONGBIRD: Flamboyant songstress all the way from Oakland. Check out her song “Broke (Dance)” SCREAMING TOENAIL: Queer anti-colonial punks who know how to get a crowd dancing MILITANT GIRLFRIEND:  Barmaids, best friends, and a queer as f**k pop punk band from South East London”.

Please note that DIY Space for London is open to members and their guests only. Membership costs £2 and takes 48 hours to take effect. Join and pay at

DREAM NAILS on FACEBOOK / release party details



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