ORGAN THING: Lana Del Rabies all mixed up by William Hutson of Clipping, Terminal 11, Baseck and many more…


A quick thing today for today must be devoted to other things, “In the past year, Lana Del Rabies has become a fixture of the Arizona beat-oriented noise scene. Harsh walls of romantic sounds and driving industrial beats are accompanied by gut wrenching vocal performances and static laced video projections of her own creation. Now, on heels of a collaborative album with Brian Miller (True Neutral Crew / ex-Foot Village / ex-Gang Wizard) under the name America F*ck, Lana Del Rabies 2016 album ‘In The End I Am A Beast’ gets the remix treatment from 17 artists, including William Hutson of clipping. (Sub Pop), Baseck, Ritualz, Terminal 11, Luci and many more”.

Lana Del Rabies will release her second album, ‘Shadow World, on Deathbomb Arc before the end of the year.


Remixes of tracks from Lana Del Rabies’ album ‘In the End I Am A Beast’. Each remixer hand selected by the artist herself, including William Hutson of clipping., Terminal 11, Baseck, and many more. released October 13, 2017

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