ORGAN THING: Those riot grrrl flavoured feminist punk witches Dream Nails have made a new video…


Organ Thing Of The Day:  Feminist punk witches (and Organ favourites) Dream Nails have released a feisty new single “Tourist” from their second EP, ‘Dare to Care’, here’s the freshly unleashed video  (directed by Jade Jackman).


LINKS   Bandcamp / Facebook


Director Jade Jackman “is a young filmmaker based between London and Madrid. Her work has taken her to shoot with female journalists in Afghanistan, to be led through Mexico City by blind photographers and to the front of too many protests. She likes to take a creative approach to political issues and is particularly interested in women’s rights, borders and small dogs. She is also one of the co-founders of Eye Want Change“.

Some days an Organ Thing of the Day can be that simple… on other days it can hours of wrangling….



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