ORGAN THING: The positive call to arms that is the excellent new single from East London-based electro artist Gaptooth…


Organ Thing of the Day:  Today, the positive call to arms that is the excellent new single from East London-based electro artist Gaptooth (aka Hannah Lucy)/ Last spotted on these fractured pages when she was part of that Loud Women festival back September, the new single, a blast of positive uplifting infectiousness, is “filled with feminist rage against government austerity measuresThe track, ‘They Cut We Bleed’, is a tribute to feminist direct action group Sisters Uncut, who have become famous for their protests against life-threatening cuts to services for survivors of domestic violence”.


“In the UK, two women a week are killed by a partner or ex-partner, but the government is cutting funding for refuges, legal aid, social housing – all services that survivors rely on,” says Lucy. “Across the country, the first services to shut down have been those set up for women of colour and LGTBQ+ survivors, while many migrant survivors are denied the right to access refuges at all. This is a matter of life or death. Theresa May has made a show of being tough on domestic violence, but is taking away lifelines for people trying to escape it.”


“Sisters Uncut is made up of women and non-binary people, many of them survivors of domestic violence or support workers who see the impact of the cuts first hand. They have been described by Vice as “Britain’s most radical direct action group”, and are best known for storming the red carpet at the Leicester Square premiere of the film Suffragette. ‘They Cut We Bleed’ features samples of protest chants, recorded in summer 2016 when Sisters Uncut took over an empty council flat in Hackney for nine weeks to highlight the lack of safe housing available for survivors fleeing domestic violence”.


‘They Cut We Bleed’ is the second single taken from Gaptooth’s forthcoming second album, due out next year. It follows the Pillow Fort EP (2016), a selection of guitar-fuelled electro-pop tracks with a feminist bent….”

The video shot by Fran Freeman, Guen Murroni, Hannah Lucy, Julia Brown and Oonagh Cousins. Video. Edited by Hannah Lucy. All chants and lyrics by Sisters Uncut, music by Hannah Lucy. Samples recorded at Sisters Uncut actions in London in 2016.  /

Grab a download of the single via the Bandcamp page

More ….



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