ORGAN THING: five upcoming art events with Lee Maelzer, Jaykoe, Peter Rich, a slice of Joe Sangre attitude at BSMT Space, Sophie Jung at Blain/Southern, Rose Wylie at the Serpentine, Victor House Open Studios over in Hackney…

Five more art things, five art events that have been brought to our attention, five more that we rather think are worth sharing with you, five events, London things, for that is where we’re based right now….. Here come the latest five….


237: Rachel Ferriman – The (Accidental) Marks Made While Making Art..

1:  Sophie Jung ‘Come Fresh Hell or Fresh High Water’ – For the second in Blain/Southern’s new series of exhibitions, collectively titled Lodger, its curator Tom Morton has invited the artist Sophie Jung to develop a new sculptural installation, accompanied by a performance that exists as both a live event and a looping video work. For this exhibition, Come Fresh Hell or Fresh High Water, Jung will transform Blain/Southern’s lower gallery into an environment that recalls at once a bunker, an ice cellar, a Brechtian stage set, and a dressing room. Scale, here, is subject to sudden glitches, and the most mundane of objects – coffee mugs, shower curtains, hat stands ¬– hum with histories, ironies, and a simmering sense of fury. Private View: Tuesday 28 November 2017, 6-8pm. Performance, 6.30pm. Blain/Southern London is at 4 Hanover Square, London W1S 1BP. Exhibition Dates: 29th November 2017 – 13th January 2018


Sophie Jung ‘Come Fresh Hell or Fresh High Water’ 

2: Victor House Open Studios happens on Friday evening (6pm to 9pm) December 8th and Saturday afternoon (midday until 6pm), December 9th, you find it just off Mare Street, Hackney, just around the corner from Space Studios, indeed another of the artist’s studio complexes run my Space. Recent coverage of similar open events at Chesenhale and Martello Street Studios will give you a flavour of what you maybe can expect . “Don’t miss this great opportunity to see the diverse work of leading contemporary artists in London” say Space. Artists you might find hiding the building include  Jane Bolden, Nick Botting, Rachel Downey, Alex du Perez, Felix Friedmann, Pete Jessett, Karen Knorr, Lucy Levene, Olivier Richon, Ryszard Rybicki, Dafna Talmor, Philip Williams, the address is 282A Richmond Road, Hackney, London, E8 3QS – ORGAN THING: Exploring East London’s Chisenhale Art Place, why artist studio open days are so vitally important…– – Open days at artist’s studios are almost always worth exploring. True, the artists do tend to clean things up just a little too much to give you the really truthful honest full-on paint-encrusted deal – those carefully placed books designed to impress, that pile of music there to casually catch your eye, and yes they… read on


Chisenhale Open Studios, East London, October 2017 – Alicia Paz

3: Joe Sangre – All Coming Down at BSMT Space – “This December, BSMT Space will play host to Irish-London artist and filmmaker Joe Sangre’s new exhibition, ‘All Coming Down’ – a journey into the artist’s perceptions of human behaviour. Marking the second time since the artist has exhibited in the space, this show seeks to reflect on the social and behavioural patterns that are constant among us all, be our intentions virtuous or depraved. Sangre’s work combines a rich tapestry of influences that range from the high craft of 1930s depression era cartoon adverts, underground cinematic narratives and unrefined early 1980s punk-rock/hardcore flyers and posters. All Coming Down incorporates a vast array of disciplines and mediums, including: large acrylic paintings, light boxes, screen prints, wearable art, latex clothes and vinyl art toys”.


We share these things because someone has to, it is a dirty job, we do care a lot though, we really do, well not about images of Kate Moss, David Bowie and Mickey Mouse. Here’s a brief promo for Joe Sangre’s upcoming ‘ALL COMING DOWN’ Exhibition which, as we’ve already told you, will take place from December 1st – 10th at BSMT SPACE Dalston. With Joe Sangre and Robert Sheehan.




Chisenhale Open Studios, East London, October 2017 – Lee Maelzer

4: Lee Maelzer, Jaykoe, Peter Rich join together in a show curated by Claire Damary in the cellar space at Hackney’s Lubomirov-Angus Hughes gallery – “Lubomirov-Angus Hughes proposes a captivating photography, etching and collage exhibition in our Cellar Gallery – .Three artists, Lee Maelzer, Jaykoe and Peter Rich are presenting the world that surrounds us through their filter. The way we see the world is subjective to a lot of factors. Our emotions, our experiences and our interests are a few of them.  Lee’s collages transpire a lot of tension, a mixture of strength and uncertainty. We can feel turmoil and trepidation. Through starry skies, clouds in motion or a luminous sun, Maelzer has managed to make nature voice its dissent. Jaykoe is an artist who has lived in different countries around the world. He has developed his observation of society through the way we transform the landscapes. Through human construction can be questioned how we function. His filter exposes us to his analysis. Peter Rich is a photographer based in Devon. His latest challenge is to reveal how beautiful fungi can be. Through Rich’s filter nature is seen in a new light as he manages translate his misty landscapes.  Each artist is presenting new works and together they create a perfect exhibition full of energy and thoughts to go through the darkest month of the year. – “Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality” Nikos Kazantzakis. The private view is on Friday 1 December 2017, 6-9pm, the cxhibition continues: 2 December – 22 December 2017. Friday to Sunday 12-6pm, or by appointment – Gallery website / Facebook event page


Rose Wylie, Queen with Pansies (Dots), 2016

5:  Rose Wylie – Quack Quack at the Serpentine Gallery – ” Join us at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery on Wednesday 29th Nov. from 7pm for the opening of Rose Wylie: Quack Quack .Rose Wylie (born 1934, UK) finds visual material for her large-scale paintings in a wide range of sources: from art history, cinema and comic books, to daily observations, news and celebrity stories”. Free Admission. No Booking Required. The Bar at The Magazine restaurant will remain open until 10.30pm. The nearest tube stations are Lancaster Gate and South Kensington

6: Intent – Intent will happen in two places at the same time in January 2018 via Cultivate





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