ORGAN THING: PNKSLM’s Family Album, one of the labels of 2017…

The year hasn’t kicked in yet has it? We’re still in looking over our shoulder mode aren’t we, best of this, pick of that, the sky certainly hasn’t turned up yet in 2018, what a bland looking skyless pale grey morning. PNKSLM were one of the more interest record labels in 2017, and yes, we can still believe in record labels and their ability to cherry pick the best of what they come across, there are labels you can still put a little bit of trust in in that way you once trusted Stiff or Neat (or maybe even ORG).


Here’s “a pretty amazing compilation featuring every artist we’ve released this year. Free to download until 1st Jan!!! Thanks to all of you for the support over 2017, see you in 2018!” said someone from PNKSLM Recordings, the indie label Stockholm, Sweden who were rather productive in 2017… here it is, grab it for free while you can (do remember that labels like PNKSLM need you to buy their releases so they can bring you more though, tough thing running a real independent label….. 



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