ORGAN THING: Three slices of music, Mary and The Ram, Afrikan Boy, Flying Horseman…


SEEN at Stolen Space. East London, December 2017

Cleaning up after Christmas? Five more musical things? Nah, just three, In a short time this will be a long time ago, god bless this acid house or something like that. Break on through to the other side, did you make it through the Christmas T.V? Shall we knock this Organ thing on the head as far as music is concerned? I’m getting rather bored with it all, aren’t you? Flipped over from Supersonic during the stupor and the chocolate of it all and there’s Noel with more of a pinhead shaped head than usual, there he is sitting on a halfarsed television chat show host’s couch while said nauseating host mocks the recent scissor playing thing by pretending to play Wonderwall trumpet-like on the carcass a cooked turkey (disrespectfully offensive in itself you might say), a fake solo on a dead turkey before introducing the not very live miming turkey-shaped Kasabian and allowing them to plug a plum average song that’s average even by Kasabian’s rather averagely average standards, what is going on? What are you doing Noel? A proper rock star (like you say you are) wouldn’t have taken that, deck the idiot and walk off the set, is it any wonder your idiot kid brother laughs at yer? So was 96 the last supersonic year? That one last big gathering of the people at Knebworth before the internet and talent shows and everything else kicked in and knocked the last of everything down? Music’s last stand in terms of big things that swept along everything and everyone? Noel might have had a point there, it meant little to us at the time but he has a point and now, twenty off years on, you’re almost wishing for it to happen again, your grasping at straws and you’re almost think surely Oasis weren’t that bad back there? They damn well were though, force fed and rammed down us far more than any turkey at Christmas. It probably was rock music’s very last stand before mainstream rock music in all the forms became little more than pinheads sitting on Christmas sofas watching comedian’s playing their songs on the dead carcasses-like rubber shaped cooked birds and never mind the bollocks, here’s some more music…. (sw)

SEEN at Stolen Space. East London, December 2017

2: MARY AND THE RAM – Mary and The Ram? who are they then? A duo with a taste for things like The The, Peter Murphy, and just maybe a touch of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds by the sounds of things. The duo from York will release their debut single ‘The Cross’ at the end of January, this is the b-side, ‘The Dream’
3: AFRIKAN BOY – The grime MC Afrikan Boy, real name Olushola Ajose, returns with perhaps his strongest track yet.”Everyone puts their reality out through various screens and we all crop out elements of things we don’t want to send out to the world,” he explained. “The concept grew from the expression to create something a little rough around the edges whilst still being smooth.” With his breakthrough track “One Day I Went To Lidl”, and subsequent work with M.I.A., Afrikan Boy was one of the very first artists to successfully fuse afrobeat and grime – and whereas he was at the time questioned for the Pidgin English rhythmic delivery, it has now become an accepted crossover recipe for a whole new wave of breakthrough artists such as J Hus and Kojey Radical. “Wot It Do” is Afrikan Boy’s first collaboration with producers Jan Blumentrath & David Alexander (Pearls Negras, Yo Majesty) and Olusha has said it’s a “call to action, taking inspiration from recent travels abroad and meeting new people, to memories of my youth from old school songs my mum used to sing to us in Yoruba. Most of all, I wanted to create something for the dance floor, something that had a real bounce about it.” Afrikan Boy is currently working on a new studio album set for release in 2018.


4 FLYING HORSEMAN – who? Go ask them, you’ve got the link there, who needs words? here’s the video, ‘Deep Earth’ is on Flying Horseman’s upcoming album ‘Rooms / Ruins’, due on January 26th…
We’ll get on with 2018 in a moment, post no bills now,  and post no more damn orange Trumps past-ups on Brick Lane, I don’t hate many things but those orange paste ups do annoy me….

SEEN at Stolen Space. East London, December 2017


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