ORGAN THING: The intent for 2018 then? Time to get this year rolling, Intent, two art shows, or one art show in two parts…

The intent for 2018 then? Time to get this year rolling, we’ve been kicking back for a few day, recharging and such, well no, not really, we’ve been working out collective butts off with both parts of the forthcoming Intent show as well as those 43 paintings on the CD sized cardboard envelopes, and the first of 365 art drop pieces for 2018, plenty of intent here.


The intent for 2018 is to start where we left off in 2017 by curating an art show via Cultivate, – you know that the Cultivate team and the Organ team are pretty much the same team – a show Called Intent, a show in two parts, an art show with two openings, a show in two places, one in a basement in Dalston, the other wherever you happen to be when you choose to view it. The intent is from us, the intent is from the artists taking part in both parts of Intent, the intent is to be as busy in 2018 as we were in 2017, getting out and doing it on out terms rather than just talking about doing it

Expect more here about the artists taking part in Intent in the next few days both here and on the Cultivate pages . Some of the artists you’ll know already, some will be new to you, some have shown with us before, some are making their Cultivate debuts. As always Cultivate is about us artists coming together and making it happen on our terms. We are very picky about the art we show, it is as much about the intent of the artists as the it is about the art they make, the call for both parts on Intent is still open, be quick though, all about getting involved…

Expect around 43 artists to feature in Part One, expect Part Two to feature around 23 painters, performers, sculptors, print makers….

Last time (or was it the time before) at BSMT Space. Marnie Scarlet will be with again for the opening night of Part Two


Debased – Marnie Scarlet



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