ORGAN THING: Sweet Toof and Rolfcarlwerner’s Cut And Run collaboration at BSMT Space comes to an end this weekend…


“This collaboration between Sweet Toof and Rolfcarlwerner features some larger and unique cut-out skulls, collectible painted palettes, spray cans, B boys and unique objects”, not sure how to feel about Sweet Toof in this form in this gallery, those teeth really bite in amongst all the noise and the dirt of East London’s walls or spied from the train out of London Fields towards Liverpool Street, or indeed on the shutters of that art supply shop just down the road that you won’t be able to see an Saturday but you will on Sunday when the shop doesn’t open.  Sweet Toof and Rolfcarlwerner’s Cut And Run collaboration, the last but one show in the basement space for a couple of months (Intent is the very last show opening next Thursday) before the gallery takes a break for a birth or two, ends at 5pm on Sunday January 14th *Intent opens in the same space on Thursday 18th Jan) . Here’s some shots and a flavour or two, grab it for real while you still can … .

Click on an image ot enlarge or to run the fractured slide show,,,

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