ORGAN: Save Hackney Wick – Community Campaign, London Assembly Members, Borough Council, and Experts Call upon Sadiq Khan to Halt Destructive London Legacy Development Corporation Plans…


We don’t need another bridge, we don’t need more traffic pollution, has anyone been to Leytonstone and had a look at the way road developments have destroyed things there? We don’t need the arrogant architects, what we do need is communities, creativity, engagement and places where people can afford to live and work and be part of that community they’ve helped build in a  build in a beautifully organic way. Has anyone who lived or worked around here before the Olympic gained anything out of the legacy? (sw)

Today the Save Hackney Wick campaigners went to City Hall….  “WE WENT TO CITY HALL and with esteemed London Assembly members from all political parties and Tower Hamlets representatives by our side, we handed over a 10 000 strong Petition”. Here’s today’s press release in full, you can also view via this link 


Community Campaign, London Assembly Members, Borough Council, and Experts Call upon Sadiq Khan to Halt Destructive London Legacy Development Corporation Plans


Today the Save Hackney Wick campaign handed a 10 000-strong petition to City Hall opposing plans by London Legacy Development Corporation to destroy a heritage-class Asset Of Community Value in Fish Island – displacing a creative community to pave the way for 2 bridges which would enable all modes road traffic to pass through a popular Conservation Area.

The Save Hackney Wick campaign is supported by a Cross-Party Coalition of London Assembly members pressing Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to rethink the demolition plans penned to start Monday January 29th
Many of the cross-party coalition were present for the handover representing all 4 main historical parties, including; Caroline Russell AM (Green) Andrew Boff AM (Con) Caroline Pidgeon AM (Lib Dem) Nicky Gavron AM (Lab), Navin Shah AM (Lab).

Tower Hamlets Council Mayor John Biggs, who has also strongly objected to the plans alongside his councillors and Tower Hamlets Labour Party, was represented by Tower Hamlets Councillor Rachel Blake
– After previous objections in which he referred to the H16 bridge as “unnecessary and should not go ahead”, Mayor John Biggs and Bow East Councillors wrote unified fresh objections last week to London’s Deputy Mayor for Transport on the subject of the 2 bridges on Fish Island which we do not believe are needed and we believe will damage the neighbourhood – because of increased congestion and poorer air quality
– The extensive letter, which calls for a “meaningful review” and clarifies his aim to “suspend the proposals”, can be found HERE.

The campaign has also remarkably found support from the 2003 DCLG expert Ralph Ward who originally instructed the drawing of the plan. Mr Ward has said that the original plans were only “provisional” and in reference to the H16 bridge threatening Vittoria Wharf has stated “The position today reinforces my view that a further bridge is unnecessary and a waste of money” and “The project just doesn’t stack up.

Similar expert views opposing the plans come from esteemed Industrial Archaeologist Malcolm Tucker, whose knowledge in the field of heritage value buildings has been described as ‘Formidable’ by Historic England. Tucker’s 2014 analysis of the building concluded:

The buildings are of high quality and incorporate a variety of features of particular interest. They deserve to be included in the proposed conservation area extension and to be added to the Local List.

Interestingly The Save Hackney Wick Campaign even found hidden analysis documents by LLDC itself, which the corporation neglected to reveal to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

LLDC’s own conclusion on the H16 bridge stated:

The design fails to provide any meaningful public realm that would could take advantage of new pedestrian flows to help create a sense of vitality and vibrancy in the immediate area and does not stitch into the street network of Hackney Wick and Fish Island
– LLDC H16 Feasibility Study April 2014

Save Hackney Wick campaign has also highlighted misleading comments by the LLDC who told the GLA’s Regeneration committee “The numbers will speak for themselves in terms of the community in the round…. there is overwhelming support for what we do”(LLDC Jan 2017)

The statement conflicts strongly with findings of a Nov 2016 independent survey of 549 local residents and businesses by the Save Hackney Wick campaign which found 98.3% opposition and LLDC have since failed to show any evidence supporting their statements to the GLA.

With a planned spend on the bridges estimated by some to fall between £10m-£20m, at a time where austerity cuts have meant well-documented pressure on public services such as local

emergency services in the NHS – and on the day of the Mayoral Budget meeting – many are calling on Sadiq Khan to suspend this plan and put the taxpayers money to better use, especially in light of his commitment to the creative industries, healthy streets, and heritage-led renewal.

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