ORGAN THING: Wanted to grab your thoughts on this one – it’s Liars’ remix of Norwegian electro duo Soft as Snow…


“Hello Organ, Wanted to grab your thoughts on this one – it’s Liars’ remix of Norwegian electro duo Soft as Snow. The original track Snake is taken from their upcoming album ‘Deep Wave’ out April 6th on Houndstooth label out of Fabric London”.

Our thoughts? Well do you really need them? Always had time for those Lairs and the fingerprint they put on things, you can never tell with these remix things how much of the original thing is left and how big the finger print on the thing is, rather like the original piece as well, you don’t really need our thoughts though? A quote for a press release or something? Liars make me think of Evengy Antufiev, Liars always challenge, they don’t always pull it off but they do always challenge with their things, what do you think? We’d like to hear your thoughts, we made the remix an Organ Thing of the Day so we must feel rather positive about this coming together of Liars and Soft as Snow and things….

And here’s a taste of what  Soft as Snow sound like without those Liars

Taken from the forthcoming debut album ‘Deep Wave’ The Norwegian-born, Berlin-based duo Soft as Snow will release their debut album ‘Deep Wave’ on April 6th. It was created by Soft as Snow members Oda Egjar Starheim and Øystein Monsen, with additional mixing and production by WIFE of Tri Angle Records. Their oblique leftfield pop recalls Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, deep Detroit techno, 90s IDM, Fever Ray, cold wave and the ‘Mutazione’ compilations, but is simultaneously fresh, original and groundbreaking, crowned with Oda’s esoteric and otherworldly voice. ‘Deep Wave’ follows two EPs for the same label – and as with those, the duo still avoid laptops, preferring analogue machinery, samplers, live drums and processed guitars – but this album marks a creative development, with their sound now deeper, more detailed and less simplistic than before. “We’ve been experimenting with arrangements and production. The sound is rawer, more experimental and noisy”, explain the duo. “What maybe differs most from the other releases is that we decided to keep a lot of recordings from the initial jams. Several of the tracks are more or less kept in the original form.”

“Norwegian duo Soft as Snow makes experimental pop for the interplanetary set, echoing the sounds of minimal wave and early Warp releases. Their approach to music making is hands-on; avoiding laptops in favour of analogue synths, drum machines and samplers, mixed with idiosyncratic vocals and heavily processed guitars”.


I’m off to listen to Soft as Snow now…

Any thoughts?

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