ORGAN THING: The other side of Fontaines D.C’s excellent new single, every time I hear this band I like them a little bit more…


Every time I hear this band I like them a little bit more, I like their swagger, I like the way they Fall, I like feisty furtive way and their cynical Dublin drawl, I like the way they roll, the way their music roles, the way the words roll, I do like their words and their need to get get a good car and get out of there, and I do like whoever cut this new video so damn well. Fontaines D.C sound authentic, I like them for some of the same reasons I like Miraculous Mule so so much, I like the thrust of those Fontaines, I like the punk rock attitude, it all seems proper, you don’t hear many bands who sound this ‘proper’ these days, sister sister how I missed yer, they’re probably the best thing I’ve heard so far this year,,,


This is a new video just let loose to growth the new double A-side seven inch that’s due out today, 23rd February. They play a London live date at The Victoria, Dalston on 7th March, along with a whole load of Irish dates that you can probably find on their website


Credit where due, the video nailed it….

Directed and Edited by Hugh Mulhern

Cinematography by Mathew Rogan

Art Direction by Clodagh Farrelly

Stills by Erica Coburn

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More later…. amybe





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