ORGAN: Five more vital musical things with My Dear Killer, Théo Ceccaldi Freaks, Mr Sterile, Palehound, Beat Degeneration and…

Five more musical things and I guess you want some editorial up front of them all?  All very simple, five bands or musical people or pieces of music or earfood of some kind that has passed our way in the last few days, this that have flown into the inbox or passed by in some form or other ans you really don’t need any editorial, on with the music from France and New Zealand and the United States and all rather international this week, sometimes that’s how it falls and flows and tumbles and no need for editorial, here’s the music, there’s the links, off you go….


1 : Mr Sterile – he of incredibly dexterous and vitally good New Zealand duo Mr Sterile Assembly, has a solo album on the way, it sounds, in the most positive of ways, all messed up and mixed up, all giving and taking and making and breaking and go on, go on, go on, go on and on and we;ll go on about it properly in a few days when we’ve digested the left-field delight of it all a little more, Hell people, give us a moment, it only got here seven minutes ago, we’re only one the first track with all those go on prompts and the messed up mixed up. Leave us to digest it, for now we’ll give you this taste and this Bandcamp link and tell you that track ten, Would We Be Alive, is an adaption of the Nomeansno Version of The Residents song, that might give you some idea of the world Mt Sterile lives in….


Mr Sterile Assembly

2: My Dear Killer – “Hi Organzine, nice to meet you, here is Vasco from EEEE a Swiss edition that it’s working on a My Dear Killer album for the end of February. I think you could like that music so i’m happy to send it to you: Thanks for all, Have a nice day”, Vasco, EEEE


Well thank you Vasco, you could well be right, we do like that music.  Not sure what a “Swiss edition” is but hey, here’s the music there, you can find out more via the bandcamp, you can do the work, go explore…. here comes some Palehound

3: Palehound – Boston’s Palehound, lead by “fierce vocalist and prolific creative force Ellen Kempne”, have been around since 2014, don’t think we’ve mentioned them before on these fractured pages, time to put that right, here’s a taste via a good looking video that just passed through here



Carnations” is taken from Palehound’s latest album, A Place I’ll Always Go, out now, and here’s another taste… “We’re really excited to release the beautifully illustrated new music video for Room, created by the amazing Rozalina Burkova

“Ellen found Rozalina’s art randomly on the internet one day and became obsessed. She adores the way she draws bodies and relates to her characters, so she decided Rozalina would be the perfect artist to bring to life the queer love behind “Room”. After working on the video Rozalina shared a similar sentiment, noting that “working with Ellen on this video has probably been my favourite project this year. Her sole requirement for me was to animate a queer love story, and I think what came out is a pretty intimate but fun romance.
And here comes some Beat Degeneration…. but first some more intense French beauty, how good is this! Seriously going off and things, Un Jazz Punk psychédélique….

Théo Ceccaldi Freaks (Photo: Alexandre Jeanson)

4: Théo Ceccaldi | Freaks – they’re playing a gig with Oran favourites Poil next week which is how they happened ot cross our path just now, the gig is in France, will we ever get Poil over here? Or indeed willwe ever get this Un Jazz Punk psychédélique lot over here?
Théo Ceccaldi | Freaks – “Un Jazz Punk psychédélique, radioactif et contrasté où l’énergie fiévreuse et la douce quiétude acidulée et virtuose nous foudroient d’explosions lyriques, de transes hypnotiques et de ritournelles stellaires sur le fil. Dans le bruit et la fureur, entre rêverie et cauchemar, une bande son chromée en quête hallucinée façon «Las Vegas Parano» pour que les illusions ne soient pas pulvérisées. Loin d’être un manifeste «foutoir» juste provocateur, le projet nous embarque avec authenticité dans son «Big Country Blues» et une apologie de la contre-culture, pour que cette fois-ci les héros remportent la partie. Elu “Révélation française de l’année 2014” par Jazz Magazine, 3ème parmi les 60 personnalités qui font la rentrée jazz 2015 par Jazz News et encore élu “Musicien Français de l’année 2016” par Jazz Magazine, Théo Ceccaldi s’impose aujourd’hui avec sa Victoire du Jazz 2017 “Révélation de l’Année” comme l’une des voix les plus singulières de la nouvelle scène jazz européenne. Théo Ceccaldi (violon, claviers, voix), Benjamin Dousteyssier (saxophones alto & baryton), Quentin Biardeau (saxophone ténor, claviers), Giani Caserotto (guitare électrique), Etienne Ziemniak (batterie), Valentin Ceccaldi (violoncelle, horizoncelle)”
Don’t ask me, I don’t speak French >> Théo CeccaldiFreaks
And here comes some of the aforementioned Beat Degeneration….

Beat Degeneration

4 Beat Degeneration – Beat Degeneration might not have the greatest band name ever but hey, they’ve got that 80’s American power pop thing nailed down just right here with this sunny poppy taste of their forthcoming album ‘Searching For Some Heaven’. The album is out April 20th via Jigsaw Records Listen to ‘Feet In The Sand’ right here

“Following hot on the heels of debut album ‘Dream Machine’ (Weiner Records) slacker power-pop three piece Beat Degeneration are returning with their brand new LP, ‘Searching For Some Heaven’ this April. Released through Seattle based Jigsaw Records and digitally with Darla Records, the album was produced by indie royalty Charles Rowell of Crocodiles, a band infamous for championing the best in upcoming rising talent. It was also recorded on the secluded island of Lošinj, completely outside of influence or distraction.

With multiple members having previously appeared in Jennfier Gentle (SubPop Records), frontman Guido Giorgi, bassist Piero Pecchi and drummer Diego Dal Bon wear their hearts on their sleeves and combine all things punk, indie and pure outlandishness into their own unique brand of noise-pop for the youthful and the disaffected. Whilst recording ‘Searching For Some Heaven’ the band are also joined by keyboardist Liviano Mos.

This feeling of camaraderie is evident in an ethic that runs strong through Beat Degeneration, Guido explains; “We thought it was a great Idea going on an Island all together to record an album. Leaving all behind and focusing on making music and expressing our feelings. No pressures, no stress, no internet, just us…I think that I organized the things in this way because I was missing my real friends. I feel alone in this world where everyone thinks about his own social media life, I feel that we are losing really important things every day. I guess that the meaning of this album is that we can still make good memories all together. I guess that people feel incomplete like I do and in the end, I guess that everyone is still searching for some heaven.”

The video for new single ‘Feet In The Sand’ plays on what Beat Degeneration represent, showcasing itself as a crisp summer show-reel of good times and goofing around. From the bowling alley to sun kissed beach, the band find themselves against the grainy backdrop of sunny days and balmy evenings. Beat Degeneration are unapologetic in virtually everything they do and much like the work of Ty Segall & Black Lips they are able to seamlessly transform punk-infused noise pop into unforgettable and truly exhilarating music”.


And there needs to be more bands playing in plant warehouses….


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