ORGAN: R.I.P Danny Pockets, a damn fine artist who never did give in…


I’d hoped it wasn’t true, it seems like it might be though. damn, I hate having to write these things. I like Danny Pockets, I love his paintings, he’s an artist I admire, I like is his places, his spirit, his banners, his pizza boxes, I liked being in shows with him, I liked him being part of our art shows, I liked his beautifully painted capturing of those buildings that meant so much to him, building that are almost gone, those Houses of The Holy, his paintings of music venues we’d both seen the same bands at, I liked his defiance, the way he never did give in, the way he thought things like chips shops were important enough to paint…


Ah shit, it seems it might be true, it seems that Danny just lost his fight with cancer.  There’s never anything clever to say about these things at these times, and we always say something about how someone was a really nice guy, but Danny Pockets really genuinely was a nice guy and it was always good to talk to him about art or music, to share time at art show hanging work with him.  Danny Pockets was a really nice guy, Danny Pockets was (and is) a damn fine painter, a damn good artist, it was a pleasure to be in shows alongside him and his work and it was even more of a pleasure to show his work as part of our shows, it was a delight to stand there in front of his paintings, it was a pleasure to know and work with Danny Pockets, our thoughts are with his family and friends. rest in peace Danny.   (SW)


Danny Pockets at Play back in the summer of 2015.


Danny Pockets

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