ORGAN THING: Celebrate the beautiful art of Danny Pockets next week at the Royal Albert Hall and on London arts radio station Resonance this Friday evening…


Danny Pockets – 1964-2018

Following on from the very very sad news of the passing of artist Danny Pockets, people have been asking about his forthcoming exhibition. Danny’s forthcoming Houses of the Holy exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the Teenage Cancer Trust fundraising events at the venue will go as planned and will now be a “celebration and fitting tribute to a tremendous man and an exceptional artist. We hope you will join us in celebrating his life and work on the free exhibition days. We are keener than ever, as part of Danny’s legacy and according to his wishes, to support the tireless work carried out by the Teenage Cancer Trust in providing services so that young people do not have to face cancer alone”

Dandy himself was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer eighteen months ago, In spite of what were some very trough times and treatments, he carried on working right up until his last days creating some wonderful work. Danny, as many others hae said this week, was a determined painter, a  brilliant painter and, as we said here on these pages a couple of days ago, one of the nicest of people to be with and to work and share gallery space with.


The blurb on the Albert Hall website reads:  “join us for a week-long exhibition celebrating award-winning artist Danny Pockets’ work during the week of Teenage Cancer Trust shows at the Royal Albert Hall.

Danny Pockets’ work is an aggregation of forms and ideas that transcends the material from which it is constructed. Employing a variety of media from paint on canvas, recycled materials, acrylics, and chinagraph through to sound and light, Pockets’ art emerges from his highly developed studio practice.

In 1995, responding to a perceptible change in the urban landscape around him, Danny began ‘Congregation’, a series of paintings of shopfronts, abandoned amusement arcades, fairground rides and chip shops. Emerging from this series are the ‘Houses of the Holy’ paintings: music venues, dancehalls and clubs. These are Pockets’ best known works, his tribute to the cathedrals of our rock ’n’ roll heritage that have dramatically helped to shape the modern world; the rapidly disappearing, iconic landmarks at the heart of our culture and the places of magic and legend”.



The Danny Pockets exhibition will be on display in the Royal Albert Hall’s Ground Floor Amphi Corridor, and can be viewed when attending a performance at the Hall between Monday 19 March and Monday 26 March or on the following free open days:

Saturday 24 March: 10am-4pm,   Sunday 25 March: 10am-4pm   More details via The Black Shed Gallery



I’d hoped it wasn’t true when I first heard the news, it seems like it might be though. damn, and as we said the other day, I hate having to write these things. I liked Danny Pockets, I love his paintings, he’s an artist I admire, I like is his places, his spirit, his banners, his pizza boxes, I liked being in shows with him, I liked him being part of our art shows, I liked his beautifully painted capturing of those buildings that meant so much to him, building that are almost gone, those Houses of The Holy, his paintings of music venues we’d both seen the same bands at, I liked his defiance, the way he never did give in, the way he thought things like chips shops were important enough to paint. Danny was one of my favourite artists…

There’s alos an impromptu radio show tribute to Danny happening this Friday evening, 16th March, at 8pm via the Newsagents show on London’s arts radio station Resonance FM, (on-line via or via the airwaves in London via 104.4fm) where fellow artists will be remembering Danny and his art. 


We’ve seen many tribute on social media in the last couple of days, and I love that photo of Danny outside the show we curated (as Cultivate) that he took part in back in summer of 2015.  Fellow artist Martin Sexton was also part of this show, I hope Martin doesn’t mind us re-sharing his words from his social media…

“The last time Danny Pockets and I came together was in a moment of what is best described as non local consciousness. Danny could tune into you and more so if your sadness was deep. He made work that was very special and from the heart – but not sentimental – direct with truth and unsparing – like Pinter or Beckett or what the Tibetan Buddhist Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche would call ‘The genuine heart of sadness’ and like all of them Danny was no nihilist, for life was most fearlessly lived whist facing down death – or like Edgar Allen Poe – who some might mistakenly conflate a romanticist into a negativist – its a wrong outcome -for like Poe, Danny was a beautiful paradox, full of love and actually an optimist in all the horror of the open asylum of the established media and its pitiful manufactured consent and dark games of power, corruption and lies. Danny Pockets made a stand, his work made a stand. Both he and it powerfully and positively inspired me – his sleeping bag work has no equal. I wanted to exhibit it in Venice and we spoke about it. Life seems cruel when friends and comrades so full of love, unique talent and generosity pass before us. Danny freely sent me something last year that was much needed at a most crucial and critical time in my life, he somehow intuitively knew and he knew to gift it without me asking. My condolences to his family and loved ones. His work was beautiful. Danny was beautiful. RIP” (Martin Sexton)

We’ll miss Danny, we won’t forgeT him, we’ll continue to celebrate his art, enjoy his art, think about his art, Martin is right, Danny’s work was beautiful. Danny was beautiful. RIP in Danny Pockets.  (SW)

Click on an image to enlarge or to run the slide show and little bit of the flavour…




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