ORGAN THING: Pop Art, revitalised, full steam ahead, red cherries, Cuban Boys, Spray that, the damn song is stuck in our heads already…


Organ Thing of The Day: the damn song is stuck in our heads alreadyYou have to love an infectious good slice of “spiky, cynical, wordy new-wave synthpop” like this one. The real art of pop, blueprints for modernisation and a lot more than just minor hits and cult success, cynical smiles indeed, smiles as wide as crocodiles…


Today I am pleased to introduce to you ‘Anthologised by Cherry Red’, the new single from British duo Spray”. so says the press release that just landed here “In assorted guises, these independent chameleons have had two Festive 50 number ones, recorded umpteen Peel sessions, scored a chart-topping million-selling hit, collaborated with Glen Campbell & Devo and even had a tilt at Eurovision. Spray are Ricardo and Jenny from The Cuban Boys, whose hit single ‘Cognoscenti Vs Intelligentsia’ (a.k.a. ‘The Hamster Dance Song’) sold a million copies, reached number 4 in the UK single charts, landed them on Top of the Pops. In the words of John Peel, it was “the most requested song I’ve had since ‘God Save The Queen’….”


If I remember rightly, and it is a little fractured now, that number four in the charts was at Christmas, back at the turn of the century, a whole tenner was wasted in a Ladbroke Grove betting shop on that one making it to Christmas number one for that single those Cuban Boys released on that institution that was EMI, the rather dubious Jonathan King was involved, Cliff was very (very) annoyed that his own record label was trying to knock him off the Christmas number One spot, we had to have a bet, it was after all us who were guilty of putting the single out that got them that deal and all that attention and pop art is almost always a good thing isn’t it? I love pop art. Was there an anthology? Did Gary Crowley write the sleeve notes? Met Gary at an Atom Seed gig once, he was a grumpy git, it was down at the Marquee, we were fighting with tickets tours, he was trying to film another of his “discoveries”, a hot new band from “Deptford funk city”, that was a whole other pop art episode though, not today’s tale for the anthology. We did all that Atom Seed stuff just so we could make the art, pop you see, pop art.. I remember him, Gary that is, he’d always be popping up claiming he “discovered” this and that, “discovered” a great new band called Cay once, what he really meant was we sent him that excellent debut Cay single in the post when XFM was enjoying 15 minutes of being a half decent radio station (did it even stretch to 15 minutes? Whatever became of XFM?). Give Mr Cowley his due though, he did have a hand in that Cay buzz along with Mr Peel.


Where Spray start and Cuban Boys end has never been that clear, releasing those Cubans did annoy some in a rather beautiful way though, brilliant” “Why are you releasing that, I thought ORG was a serious label”. Pop art is a beautiful thing, pop is a real art, Mr Smith loved it, he got good pop, made great pop, and I do like the cynical smile of this new Spray single that’s arrived here in the same week that the NME finally gave up – worn out, reprinted and given out for free – and the damn song is stuck in my head already, revitalised, full steam ahead, anthologised not euthanized


“Cuban Boys new six track EP “Blueprint For Modernisation” is out on ORG right now (we wrote this in 1999, just found it via the way back machine), you must have heard it on your radio by now? John Peel can’t stop playing it – expect their next release to be on a massively big bad major label and probably number One in the charts, everyone is trying to sign them right now… there goes another one, passing through the Organ pop art band factory…”, the same page stated “Cuban Boys made technoid sampler manipulating acid house line dancing insurrectionary pop…we like to contradict ourselves here at ORG Records, this one upset a lot of people who thought they had us worked out. Never ever expect us to bring you what you think you can expect” (we said in 2007)


“In anticipation of their fifth studio album, their new single sees them continue a tradition of recording spiky, cynical, wordy new-wave synthpop” proclaims the press release that landed last night, Gary Crowley came up to us in a pub the other day, well the other year, I tend to avoid those kind of places these days. I know you, didn’t you put out that Cuban Boys single?” Yeah I said, “and didn’t we had a punch up outside the Marquee at an Atom Seed” he said, “Indeed so” I relied “back before you discovered Cay and played those Charlie’s Angels records”, “great days” said Gary. The pop art side was always full of far more artistic merit than the metal and Southend hardcore and the punk wreckage and that Zappa album, the pink glitter Disco Pistol singles, those Deadbeat Radicals bits, Mogul’s Kraut-pop Can-Fan stuff and the annoying of Noel, those Bellyeye moments, Bellyeye was great pop, what an anthology we could have, tales of how we once had Sea Nymphs as a daytime Radio One single of the week and how we got done over by the NME, how we once had death threats from the Brian Jonestown Massacre, death threats made from the stage at SxSW, how Peel once declared on air that “tonight’s show has been a bit of an Org love-in”, deemed not punk rock enough by a household name, stigmatised and left for dead . Enough of this, there’s starz (with a ‘z’), leaves and red cherries to paint, do love this latest Spray thing, do like how they “continue recording their spiky, cynical, wordy new-wave synthpop and are now about to release their fifth studio album”, proper pop, proper pop art, proper infectious synth pop art…

Ricardo Autobahn and Jenny McLaren are Spray, they invite you to befriend them on Facebook and Twitter. Spray’s new single “Anthologised by Cherry Red” is out on Banoffeesound on May 11th 2018.







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