ORGAN THING: A giant East London Stik sculpture gets official go ahead, but where have all the art spaces gone?

The rumours and the mocked up image are true then, it appears that a “four metre (12 ft.) steel Stik Sculpture will soon be appearing in East London.  After many months of planning the ‘Holding Hands Sculpture’ has been given official planning permission. The sculpture is currently in production. Updates coming soon”.

Personally I’d stick a giant sculpture of Joshua Compston in the Hoxton Square space that’s soon to host the Stik sculpture and then ask Hackney council why they never support the hundreds or artists who live and work in the borough and why they show no interest in the problem of work space and gallery spaces being closed by greedy developers who show no interest in those who actually live in the area as we’re all pushed out of town. A Stik sculpture is a good good thing, but there’s more than one artist trying to survive in this part of town , where have all te art spaces gone….   (sw)


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