ORGAN THING: Visual artist Peter Harris, his debut album, Lee Scratch Perry, really singing, Adverts, widescreen television and…


Peter Harris has a new album out, his debut album, Peter Harris is a visual artist. his album, Adverts,. features collaborations with Lee Scratch Perry and Vic Goddard, it comes out as a limited run of 300 vinyl albums, each one comes with a unique piece of hand printed art from Harris The video features an animated montage of Peter’s wine and teabag paintings


Malcolm X or McLaren? Vic who? Is Vic there? Who is Peter Harris anyway, and was that Lee Scratch Perry doing that wordy thing in that way only he can? Harris is singing, really singling, singing out, ’cause people who can really sing don’t sing. A humble stand against another homogenized brand, singing, really singing, who cares if he’s in or out of key? Who is Peter Harris anyway? Singing out, the real me, singing. Crude? Getting by on attitude? Just attitude? Not able to sing like a bird? There’s something really refreshing and delightful here, a little more than just attitude. Locks opened with something near the key of c, singling out, ringing out, Francis Bacon is really singing, Malcolm X or McLaren are really singing, Vic Goddard is really singing. Back to the start and the angles of resistance or the tree that grew such delightful fruit, the album sounds good, should it really be this good?


This is a fine album, a beautifully honest album, who cares if he’s singing a little out of key? Maybe it might be because the sun finally came out today? Bad emails? Friends request/ Are they real? Acoustic guitars, simple delicate songs, fragile words, cleverly simple, songs to really sing, quite contemplation. Life? Regret? Melancholy and the warmth of a widescreen TV? Shopping channels? Adverts? Oh That’s Really Good, almost sounds like one of those beautifully quiet uncluttered Genesis songs from the early 70’s, one of those simple ones that said so much, that or maybe a not quite so lost Syd Barrett and how are the kids? Does your daughter still want to be a vet? English conversations along the Forest Road? Who is Peter Harris anyway? I’ll read the press release in a bit, we know he’s a painter, beyond that I have no real idea (yet), starting to get to know him here though. Chicken buckets? Burger meal deals? Adverts? Another famous actor with some odour cologne? Adverts in your face, half price frozen leg of lamb? Here I am. So little clutter, so beautifully detailed, the fuzz and the quiet static and the channel hops and the colour of those sounds that play around the voice with just a quiet guitar, a guitar and a voice that doesn’t ever need to worry about being in key – it really makes no odds, that voice is just right, just right there. A picnic where nobody got what they thought they’d asked for? Just a voice, a guitar, some words and some delightful detail in the many colours of that sound, and then almost without warning Lee Scratch Perry brings his poetic touch to the proceedings and takes over vocals for a track – duck? Ducked up? Mistress? Miss Stress? It could really only be Lee Scratch Perry with his almost spoken word ways and his way with words and so perfectly timed, right there in the middle of the album feeling just as right as everything else here on Adverts, taking over lead vocals for a song and some teleplosion, some telexplosion, some telepathic explosion, some telepathic explosion? Sort of fiction, sort of fact, sort of where the odds are stacked, sort of happy, sort of living, sort of came and then he sort of went. Diminished returns, bitter fruits, the same infectious song, and I’m singing, really singing.


Adverts is a simple album, a beautifully detailed album, the cleverness is in the simplicity, it really isn’t that simple, you might say Adverts is an eccentric album, but that would be lazy, and it really is far too simple and far too clever to just be neatly filed as “eccentric”, maybe the sun being out today helped it flow so well, this is yet another album tat deserves a little time, a little more than just a listen to the YouTube and a three minute advert, you do really need the whole this in one go . (SW)


“Peter makes me know what’s going on – makes me a better man” – Lee “Scratch” Perry


“Peter Harris is my favourite artist, and his music is nearly as strange as his art” – Adrian Sherwood


“What you think you do and what you do, are two different things. So I’ve found some quotes by other people who say the things I think: Sometimes the most positive thing to be is absolutely negative – I look for ambiguity when I’m writing because life is ambiguous – Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. Desperation is my inspiration – Middle class fakes are my role models – I’m interested in people, the only books I read are biographies – Being human and being alive is bizarre, you couldn’t make it up – I think life is very ludicrous and must be laughed at. this is it, there’s really nothing else – you’re on earth. There’s no cure for that – We are eaten up by nothing – if you’re not nervous, you’re not paying attention – in my normal life I am a very unadventurous person The music WILL kill the Vampires. Slowly, with needs and wants and sufferation. Send them to the gutter. Can’t find no bread, no broth, no butter. No food. No good mood. Caulk out their brain and give them unbearable pain. Pain that cannot be cured, and let that be seen it’s because you robbed Me. So I turned these sort of deficiencies into a, a workable thing if you understand what I mean Turn the negative into positive through a self-induced exorcism” (Peter Harris).

Trashmouth Records / Peter Harris


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