ORGAN THING: Lucinda Metcalfe at Bearspace, surely worth seeing in the flesh?

Oh, a thing of the day? is anyone that bothered if we do it everyday or not?  I mean I know a lot of the art and the music we cover on these fractured pages doesn’t get covered anywhere else (especially the art), but is anyone really that bothered if we miss a day or two? Indeed would anyone be that bothered if we stopped it all together? I know there’s loads of really exciting art, artists, shows and such, there’s some great bands and pieces of music and so so much of it doesn’t get covered, but is anyone really that bothered?  Here’s a digital image of a painting by Lucinda Metcalfe, a digital image is never really enough, it gives you a vague idea in terms of what a painting might look and feel like in the flesh, it serves a purpose. Lucinda has a show opening at Bearspace over in Deptford this month, and that does look like an exciting painting, it looks like it might be worth going and having a look, I find it exciting enough to need to see it in the flesh….


HOT WATER’ by Lucinda Metcalfe -Acrylic & Oil on canvas,100x150cm, 2018

BEARSPACE gallery say they are “pleased to present a solo exhibition of exciting new paintings by Lucinda Metcalfe, which are immersive in their style.  Through these brightly coloured paintings, she invites the viewer into often artificial vacation environments selling the viewer a dream of a holiday, seen through the layers of paint and light.  Metcalfe’s recent works play with the colours and textures of the holiday idyll alongside an absence of everyday life, luring the visitor into the promise of escape.

This body of work represents recent places the artist has travelled including Cyprus where she had an exhibition at the Cyprus College of Art & Las Vegas where she took a once in a lifetime trip to capture vacation locations across this city.  The artist says about Las Vegas that ‘the hotels feel like shopping centres and often are.  The leisure facilities are all about transporting you into a fantasy world.’”

BEARSPACE gallery is on Deptford High Street, London SE8 3PQ

Open: Weds – Fri 10am-3pm, Sat 10-6

The Lucinda Metcalf show runs from April 20th until May 26th with a so called “private view” on Saturday afternoon on April 21st (3 until 5pm), although what that means I really don’t know seeing as the gallery is open to the public on a Saturday afternoon? It probably means you don’t get such a good view but you do get a glass of cheap red wine or a warm bottle of beer s lot of background noise, elbows, people blocking the art and maybe a chance of a quick chat with the artist if you want to chat to the artist sometimes an artists is the last person I want ot speak to about their art, sometimes mystery is a very good thing), I really don’t know why private views are called private views? I don’t know why art needs to be so unfriendly and unwelcoming, do like that image up there though, more on these pages soon, maybe? ….  (sw)​​​​​​​

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